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Having comfort in any RV model is a significant factor that needs to be met. Nevertheless, it is not easy to maintain this element throughout the trip. As a result, you will need to equip your RV with high-quality tires to enhance the performance of your vehicle, avoid hazards, and drive along comfortably. Quality RV tires will have more features and support than you can really imagine. Driving along complex terrain becomes easier when you choose a suitable model of RV tires. This article is equipped with the most valuable versions of RV tires after many years of testing along with evaluations. But before we dive in, it is crucial to understand things you must consider first before you purchase tires for your motorhome or RV.


RV tires are known to have a difference compared to that of a usual vehicle. Bulky it can be your motorhome or RV and weigh approximately 20000 pounds. Therefore, tires for RVs need to be built especially for carrying that capacity of weight load. When purchasing these RV tires you will need to consider the purpose, design, and construction of the tires. You will also need to have the below consideration as buying RV tires can be tricky.

SIZE: this is one of the main features that you will need to consider when purchasing an RV tire. The RV manual is equipped with the perfect size of the required RV tires to help you choose accordingly one for you. 

WEIGHT CAPACITY: it’s another significant factor to consider when purchasing RV tires. They contain their maximum weight capacity indicated and if you go overboard with the weight, the need to change them sooner may arise. 

TYPE: There are RV tire types specifically built to cater to certain needs. For instance, radial tires are more durable but expensive while bias tires have minimal turn angle but are less expensive. Check these tires below.


These tires are of the size 205/74R14 and they come in a single piece in a pack. For smaller RVs, radial RV tires with a section width of 205mm and 5.5 inches of rim width make these tires suitable. The tires are built with improved materials which maximize the durability and spike up the tires’ lifespan. Moreover, the scuff protection increases the protection of the rim and sidewalls. This protection disables the tear and wear of the two parts saving you from the unnecessary hassle of changing them during the life of the tires. The capacity of the load is compatible with the devices in the inflation station of the tires along with monitoring systems used to measure pressure. The rating of 105.0 load index along with 832 pounds of tread depth makes it fit for all the right terrains and roads that are uneven in all conditions of weather.


  • The rim width of 5.5
  • 1700 lbs. weight capacity
  • Size of 205/74R14
  • Section width of 205mm
  • 8 32nds tread depth


  • Improved durability
  • Scuff guards that prevent tear and wear
  • All tire inflation devices compatibility
  • Built with advanced materials


  • Some buyers experience distributor issues.


Zeemax has been thinking ahead of its contemporaries with these tires. To replace the usual along with weaker 235/80R16 tires, they have established strong, long-lasting 14-ply heavy-duty tires. They are tubeless all-steel construction having a load range of G that enables them to hold an incredible weight of 4080 lbs. 0.38 inches deep tread good handling of the road. Moreover, it also maximizes tread life along with tire durability. These tire packs come in four tire sets. The provided tires by this brand are of superior quality and never mounted. They are fit for heavier RVs or motorhomes. What is not included in the pack is the rims. 


  • 4080 lbs. weight capacity.
  • Size: 235/80R16 14PR
  • 235mm section width
  • Rim width of 6.5”
  • 0.38” tread depth


  • They are all steel construction
  • They are tubeless
  • 14-ply heavy-duty tires
  • Capable of holding up to 4080 lbs.


  • They don’t provide rims.


TransEagle has discovered Radial ST tires which are RVs specially manufactured and fit for all seasons. The compound along with the tread design allows dry, wet, and cold-weather traction. It also confines hydroplaning. The closed and solid shoulder ribs along with regular road contact to the tread design symmetric activate cornering capacity, steering reaction, and stability of the driving to the vehicle’s towing instructions. The tread symmetric design does not permit the formation of uneven wear along the tread area. The ply along with complete nylon construction enforcement sustains the best tire shape and stabilizes the tread area. This maximizes tire weight capacity. The feature of ST radial tires deactivates easy overall tear and wear along with maximizing the lifespan of the tires.


  • 3197 lbs. weight capacity
  • Section width of 225mm
  • Size of 225/75R15
  • Rim width of 6”
  • 10 32nds tread depth


  • Better life on the tread. Tread symmetrical design.
  • Improved controllability
  • ST radial feature of the tire.


  • Zero guarantees of the product.


This is the most valuable available RV tire and in terms of smoothness, performance, and durability only a few products can be compared with XPS Rib. It is guaranteed that with Michelin XPS tires on your vehicle you will have a remarkable experience. When travelling in an RV well equipped with Michelin XPS tires, comfort is the first thing you will encounter. In many cases such as rocky soil, going through a road full of dozens of obstacles, or moving quickly, these tires maintain good smoothness.

For instance, when I got lost on the road under repair, I felt minimal vibrations that were too strong. I even drove my vehicle at a speed of 80km/h without slowing down. I also established that at 40, 60,80km/h the RI cloud absorbs the impulses easily. It makes the shaking minimal when facing enormous obstacles. In combination with highly durable surface construction, this factor builds an enormous durable tire.  We exposed this tire under two different heavy conditions for testing, that of Broken glasses and sharp rocks. This test assured us of the tires’ durability as the product showed zero damage except for a few scratches.

In another different test, the products also prove that sharp objects are nowhere close to damaging XPS Ri if the speed is maintained below 120km/h. We discovered that except for the surfaces of the snow, Michelin maintains excellent traction on all surfaces even after spending 500 km plus travelling with these tires. Moreover, the product performance is at its peak on a dry surface. This means in ten seconds you can easily accelerate from zero to seventy kilometers per hour. However, we realized a slight drop in performance when it comes to snowy surfaces. Perhaps the manufacturers will take time to discover a way of solving this problem.


  • Its smoothness is high
  • It’s enduring
  • Very stable at a different speed
  • High dry and wet performance 


  • The performance in snowy places is low.


We are all aware that the highway is a place all vehicles have to move at a high speed. This makes it extremely dangerous and you can always count on Maxxis M8008 ST Radial for increased security if you always drive across these roads. There are two significant factors to always consider and every tire must-have when it comes to moving on the highway, stability, and resistance. Luckily, this tire is remarkable when it comes to harsh terrain handling.

 It is an excellent tire for heat resistance. Maxxis M8008 radial always maintains equal performance even when exposed to up to 40-degree weather along with up to 119 km/h.  The tire version heats up quickly but never expands as a result of heat on the sun exposure test. The tire structure has been stabilized by the steel available inside while the rubber layer remains flexible enough for system stabilizing. Another ability that is notable is the absorption of the shock.

It’s very easy for small obstacles to cause grip loss with any other tire model. But luckily the M8008 ST radial has zero problems with this. On a test, we established this tire can quickly move on a small rock. At a speed of 90 to 120 km/h, the results are the same. The products of RVs are always equipped with enormous load capacity.  Well, with Maxxis products, the statement is not wrong. We wanted to test this and we exceeded the normal load capacity of 1 to 2 tons to 1.2 tons surprisingly the M8008 could still perform and could move freely. 

The Maxxis stability is evident even when exposed to heavy loads. In many cases, too heavily loaded vehicles will have challenges when it comes to controlling. But for Maxxis, it’s exceptional. The point we experienced difficulty with Maxxis is during the time of installation. It took time for our time and strength to have a new one in place.


  • Has excellent heat resistance 
  • High stability
  • It’s enduring
  • Its road-bearing is impressive


  • Cumbersome when it comes to installation.


Only off-road products in terrains that are complex can serve us. This product combines RV tires and off-road capability perfectly. This means you can easily and safely move on many various terrains with your vehicle. It is a product equipped with excellent rock removal ability having a closed shoulder slot along with a flexible obstacle removal mechanism. On a test, Bridgestone m700 on a cobblestone area, we found the back of our vehicle was a long strip of black dirt. After checking we discovered that this was rocks-covered ground. 

The surface of Duravis M700 HD tires permits this product to be deep cut to resist besides the ability to remove stones. We only managed to make a few scratches even when we tried to make use of a star to make a slit in the tire. At 80 kilometers per hour, the glass shard along with sharp locks never damaged the tire too much. Bridgestone Duravis M700 HD has not only high off-road performance but also durability. With this product, you can climb 25 degrees with a one-ton trailer at the back. 

On a 5-inch deep mud test, Bridgestone Duravis M700 HD proved high performance. On this test, the vehicle actually stopped at 500m on a road full of mud. A slight engine problem prevented the car movement but luckily we were able to have that fixed in a few minutes. The challenging point is that the RV is now on a mud stack and that makes it difficult to move again.


  • The cutting resistance is stable
  • High performance in terrain
  • Can move in deep mud
  • It is comfortable when climbing


  • On the unstable road, it’s a bit noisy


The information in this article should make establishing the RV’s best tires a breeze. It’s only a matter of deploying what you have learned into your search and proceeding from there. If then you do that, it will be rather quick for a perfect option to become apparent. Everything regarding the RVing lifestyle will become even better with this perfect set of RV tires. So, following this guide, you will have the best choice. Nevertheless, if you are seeking our suggestion, the best RV tire is Goodyear endurance all seasons tire. They are built with improved materials and are for all seasons. They are able to withstand harsh conditions of the climate. Another version is Michelin and it’s our second recommendation. In this article, we have discussed its capability and it’s the best idea to have them.

To Buy Best Maxxis M8008 ST Radial Tires.

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