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Concession Repair Services


With Nagel Trailer Repair, you can expect to find a solution for any kind of trailer problem. We are responsible for providing our customers with efficient concession trailer services. Headed by a veteran trailer repair expert, Mr. Ben Nagel, our staff can provide solutions for any kind of concession trailer, be it a food vending trailer or otherwise.

Some of the concession trailer repair services you can expect from us are:

  • Concession trailer development
  • New signs for concession trailers
  • New lights for your concession trailer
  • Installing proprietary flags for your brand
  • Custom interior designing work
  • Refurbishing concession equipment
  • Replacing concession equipment
  • New equipment installation
  • Servicing for concession items like new cabinets, screens, etc.
  • Servicing concession for trailer parts like axles, tires, aluminum siding, etc.
  • Ornamental customization for trailers, including fresh paint, vinyl graphic designs, and more

Our concession trailer related services can be broadly grouped into the following categories:

Trailers built from scratch

We build concession trailers for businesses as per customer specifications. Customers who wish to own a personal mobile food trailer business can contact us for cost-effective food trailer builds. We are among the few services in Michigan who provide stellar, custom concession trailer builds that are a great value for a low price.

Our expert team of trailer mechanics and specialists understand the requirements and best industry practices for modern food trailers. So, customers can count on us to provide them with a brand new concession trailer that is durable, functional, and aesthetically designed.

Concession trailer modifications

Do you need to make changes to your concession trailer? Do you have a trailer which you wish to modify as a concession trailer? Then Nagel Trailer Repair is the right place for you.

We are responsible for helping our customers with both common and unconventional trailer modifications. When you leave your trailer with us, you can rest assured that the modifications requested will be made right down to the most minute specifications.

Concession trailer repairs

When you run a mobile food service, you need your concession trailer to be functional at all times. So, if your concession trailer has manifested any kind of fault or incurred any damage, you can contact us for maintenance and repairs.

We provide a lasting repair and maintenance service. Our repair services ensure your trailer does not have to see the inside of a mechanic shop in the foreseeable future.