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10 best ways to restore water damage is to identify, locate and repair the source of water damage.

Having a RV brings a lot of convenience in life. You can travel in both style and relaxation, bringing with you some of the comforts of home. Keeping your RV well maintained is crucial to your safety while you are camping or traveling. 

Water damage is the most common instance which damages the roof, parts, floors, walls, cabinets, compartments and windows especially in the rainy season and traveling through muddy patches. Constantly inspecting your vehicle for leaks, discolorations, rots and molds and faulty seals, can save you a great deal of inconvenience.


Restoring water damage: 10 best ways to restore water damage is to identify, locate and repair the source of water damage.

  1. Clean out dirt and keep your RV spanking clean.
  2. Air out your RV until thoroughly dry from the inside.
  3. Check your RV damaged seals which leaks. 
  4. Look out for mold growth and remove them.
  5. Replace all damaged areas and do not let it spread.
  6. Check for rotting both exterior and interior.
  7. Check cabinets and compartments
  8. Lookout for staining and discoloration 
  9. Inspect the floor on a regular basis.
  10. Check for spots, especially along with roof vents or where areas of the roof have been cut off in order to install AC units, TV antennas, and plumbing.

If you are unsure of how to repair water damage consult Nagel Trailer Repair.

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