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3 Signs That Indicate Your RV Generator Needs Repair

rv repair service

Rv generator maintenance

RVs are large vehicles that are designed to travel long distances. Hence, it’s quite important for you to make sure that all the features and parts of your RV are intact and in a great working condition.

A trip with friends and family during summers seem great, doesn’t it? However, no matter where you’re headed, it’s essential to ensure that you’ve got enough power to get to your destination and then back home. If you’re facing issues while driving your RV, then this could be an indication that your RV generator is starting to malfunction. 

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as having to deal with your RV breaking down on the road and leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere. However, try not to panic, as Nagel Trailer Repair is here at your service! 

We offer excellent RV repair services in Michigan at extremely affordable prices. In addition to this, we provide mobile repair services, meaning no matter where your RV breaks down, just give us a call and we’ll be there in a blink of an eye to help you out. 

In order to avoid your RV breaking down while you’re on the road, look out for these signs mentioned below before you start your trip: 

  1. Your RV Generator Frequently Shuts Down

Do you experience your generator shutting off while you’re on the road? Has this occurred multiple times? Well, then this is a major sign that your RV generator is malfunctioning. 

If your RV generator works only for a short period of time before it suddenly shuts itself down, then the problem most likely lies with the carburetor. You can determine whether you’re dealing with a clogged carburetor by observing if it forces the RV unit to shut down immediately after your turn your generator on. This issue usually takes place when an RV unit has been kept in storage for too long. 

To deal with this issue, ensure that before you put your camper trailer or RV unit into storage, you drain out the fuel tank completely. If you avoid doing this, then you may find yourself having to deal with a slimy and sticky residue, clogging the carburettor. This may happen because the fuel contains certain volatile substances that after a certain period of time evaporate, leaving behind a coagulated gummy mess. 

This can also be dealt through a thorough cleaning of the carburettor, but it’s recommended that you get this process done by professionals, instead of attempting to do the same at home. 

  1. Your RV Generator is No Longer Turning on 

This is pretty straight forward. If your generator won’t start no matter what you do, then it’s safe to say that it’s probably damaged. However, often times, certain small issues can stop your RV generator from turning on. We recommended that you check the levels of fuel and oil in your RV. 

Needless to say that your RV unit won’t start if there’s no gasoline, but low oil levels can actually prevent a generator from starting as well. If the gasoline and oil have both been filled recently, then the problem may be with the electrical components. This would require you to bring your RV down to our workshop so that we can check the issue for you and fix it quickly. At Nagel Trailer Repair, we offer camper repair services in Michigan & Detroit, so do drop by if your RV generator refuses to start at all.

  1. Your RV Generator isn’t Performing Well

If your generator runs but doesn’t function as well as it once did, then the issue is likely with the carburetor or the spark plugs. Many people claim that their generator makes loud shuddering and rough sounds. The reason for such noises is likely due to the fact that the old fuel is causing some problems or spark plugs have become defective over time. Whatever the scenario may be, it’s crucial that you turn your RV off and bring it to us for inspection and repair jobs. 

We, at Nagel Trailer Repair, recommend investing in RV maintenance before you start travelling and commence your journey. This is important so that you can make sure that you reach your location safe and soundly. From an oil change to a quick tune-up, we provide services for all! In addition to this, we also offer services for examination of the electrical system of your RV. Our expert technicians can fix all issues for you, whether it’s related to axles or roof, our experienced mechanics can solve all problems with utmost ease. 

If you’d like to speak with us about your vehicle’s generator, then just give us a call at Nagel Trailer Repair, and we’d gladly help you out to the best of our ability. 

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