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5 Tips to Improve Your RV’s Fuel Efficiency

May 17, 2019

We all need to take a break from our daily lives and go on a vacation. However, vacations can end up costing a lot of money and that reason alone can make you not want to take one. RV travel nowadays is extremely popular exactly for this reason – it is extremely cost-efficient. With rising fuel costs, the whole aspect of RV travel being affordable no longer stays valid.
Here we have created a list of the best ways to save fuel to help you have a budget-friendly vacation.

  1. Your A/C will drain your fuel very quickly, so travel during the cooler hours of the day. Do not drive without an A/C cover as this will generate a lot of wind resistance, increasing fuel consumption.


  1. The way you drive also affects your RV’s fuel efficiency. Start off by driving slowly until the engine is up to temperature. This will prove to be much more fuel efficient. Driving at a more stable and steady speed will save you fuel, so set your RV control to 55 on highways. Also, ensure that your tires are properly inflated; otherwise your tires will produce more friction against the road and decrease your fuel mileage. Make sure that your wheels are aligned correctly otherwise it will lead to the tires resisting against the road, essentially diminishing your mileage.


  1. Don’t travel with an excessive amount of load as the extra weight will reduce your fuel efficiency. Travel as light as possible and after getting to your destination, fill the tank there. Instead of using large water bottles, opt for smaller ones. If carrying huge bulks, opt for plastic plates in place of paper plates. Only stash firewood once you’ve reached your destination, and leave behind what you don’t require. Many people travel around with their supply on board, adding a ton of weight to their RVs, in turn reducing the fuel efficiency.


  1. A lot of people aren’t aware that there might be several RV parks within a 150-mile radius of their home town. Choose a campground closer to where you live. Many RV parks offer you a loyalty discount if you stay with them for long periods of time. By traveling less you will save fuel, in turn saving money on your vacation.


  1. Maintain your engine as well as possible and get it tuned with regular servicing. This way it will run much more efficiently. If you’re looking for RV repair service in Michigan, then visit Nagel Trailer Repair in Michigan. They provide excellent trailer repair in Michigan. Use the manufacturer’s recommended motor oil. This will improve fuel efficiency by several percents, and a clean air filter can increase it by up to 10%.

If you follow these measures properly then you’ll use less fuel which in turn will allow you to keep more cash in your pocket. Drive safe and smart and save a ton of money on your vacation.

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