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Airstream Sport Travel Trailer Review

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The Airstream Sport Travel Trailer is one of the best travel trailers money can buy and it will surely give you good value for money. 

The travel trailer has got all the features you can ever hope for in a travel trailer and it can even serve you for a very long time. In fact, it can serve you for decades and you can even hand it over to the next generation.

The travel trailer gives you total freedom to go anywhere you like at any time you prefer.  It is the perfect travel partner as it gives you the satisfaction that you are always close to home wherever you go.  It allows you to take a house along with you when you go on a camping adventure.

Airstream Sport Travel Trailer

Needless to say, it is a high-quality travel trailer and it is built with wonderful materials that can withstand any use or condition for that matter.  It is sophisticated in its appearance and you will find yourself getting attracted to it fast. 

One other unique feature of the travel trailer is that it is lightweight. Its body is built using aluminum and this contributes a great deal to its lightweight.

In the remaining part of this review, we will show you many of the very important things you need to know about this travel trailer. This way, you can decide for yourself if you should put your money on it or not.

Highly versatile travel trailer

The travel trailer is highly versatile and this is one of the many features that make it stand out from the crowd.  It is stylish in appearance and can serve as the perfect RV for any purpose.

It can serve as an RV for your camping purpose and it can also serve as extra space for loads. So, you can use it to haul your personal belongings from one place to another. 

Airstream Sport Travel Trailer is very easy to tow also and this is one of the many features that make it attractive to many end-users.  Both the interior and exterior are stylish and attractive. It has a unique aerodynamic design that helps to reduce the possibility of drag while in motion.


The body of the travel trailer is built using aluminum as we have mentioned earlier. This contributes a great deal to its lightweight. So, it eases the process of towing the travel trailer.

Because of its very light, you can even tow it to the campsite and back with your passenger car. It will not be difficult to negotiate bends in the road at all.  You also will not need any special driving experience before you can navigate bends of sloppy terrains while towing the travel trailer.

Furthermore, the aluminum exterior ensures that the travel trailer will not be subjected to rust.  It also reduces the stress of maintenance. A simple wipe on the surface can remove stains or blemishes from the travel trailer and it will glow again.

You will never have to worry about rust at all when you use this travel trailer. Even if it is parked in an open space for years, the issue of rust will never arise at all.

As we have mentioned earlier, the exterior has an aerodynamic design that makes it very easy to tow the travel trailer to your campsite and back. The aerodynamic design ensures there is no drag when in motion.            

The beautiful design of the travel trailer makes it one of the best RVs you can trust when you plan a weekend getaway. Whether you will be going alone or you prefer to go with members of your family, the RV will always serve you perfectly. 

There are different types of the RV, but they all come with practically the same external design. However, the number of people that the RV can accommodate differs, depending on the size of the particular one you buy.  It is also the perfect RV for your camping adventure.

The travel trailer is built with so much attention to detail.  This is one of the many features that make virtually all models of Airstream Sport stand out.  

Aside from reducing its weight and preventing rust, the aluminum used in building the travel trailer helps to reduce the temperature of the interior, thereby keeping the interior cool most times.  

The bodywork is a double wall with a temperature –reducing material stuffed between the two layers.  The underbelly is also covered with aluminum and it acts as an insulator against heat, thereby keeping the floor of the travel trailer cool at all times.

The travel trailer has a retro appearance.  Despite this, it is well equipped to make it one of the best travel trailers money can buy. You can find solar panels on the roof to help provide the power needs of the travel trailer.

The exterior is durable. It has a compact design also. You will not find it difficult to hook it to your SUV or truck.  Virtually all categories of SUVs can be used for towing Airstream Sport Travel Trailer.  

The tires are from Goodyear and are of top quality. The travel trailer also comes with an extra tire.  Some other external features are highlighted below:

  • Black tank flush system
  • Exterior shower with cold and hot water
  • Cable TV hook
  • 2 steel tanks with each having 20 lb capacity and fitted with a 2-stage regulator
  • Pre-wired solar panels. One of the solar panels is installed at the front while the remaining 3 are installed on the roof.
  • Patio awning made with weather max fabric
  • The front door comes with unique keys and also features a heavy-duty deadbolt
  • There is thermal barrier protection between the exterior and interior.

Its windows are tainted and this helps to keep the scorching sun out of the interior during hot sunny days. The tainted windows will also make the interior feel cool and reduce heat loss.

Additionally, the tainted glasses will improve privacy and ensure anyone looking from outside will not be able to identify the occupants of the travel trailer or know what is going on inside.  If you are one for privacy while camping, then this is one of the best travel trailers to buy

Wonderful interior

The interior of the travel trailer is outstanding in all sense of the word. It is simply designed to impress.  There is an LG LED HDTV in the interior. It also features a JVC stereo.  The stereo has so many features, like Bluetooth connectivity, DVD and CD players, AM and FM radio.

Airstream Sport Travel Trailer

The sleeping area is equipped with memory foam matters that will make your night time a wonderful time.  Despite the huge size of the memory foam, there is still adequate space to move around in the sleeping area.

There is also a huge wardrobe in the bedroom where you can store your personal belongings and camping gear.  There is even additional storage space under the bed.

Furthermore, the kitchen is well equipped.  Some of the outstanding fittings in the kitchen are:

  • Top-quality faucet
  • Sink made of stainless steel
  • Cooktop that features 2 burners

There is also a convertible dinette where you can have your meals along with other occupants of the RV. The dinette can also serve as a lounging area. In fact, it can serve as an extra sleeping space.  

The RV is built to give you good value for money. The interior is comfortable and it will give you the feeling of home away from home.

Furthermore, the bathroom is well equipped. The bathing area can be partitioned to ensure water does not splatter on the other things in the bathroom. The bathroom equally houses the toilet and there is adequate space for everything.

Bear in mind that there is also a space for storage in the bathroom. In fact, virtually every part of the Airstream Sport Travel Trailer has a provision for storage. As a result of this, all your personal belongings and camping gear can be kept in good condition at all times.

The adequate storage provision also ensures that your personal belongings and other items do not litter the floor of the RV. It helps to keep the interior clean at all times so that movement from one end to another can be very easy for all occupants      

Two main types available 

You can choose from two-floor plans but both of them will serve your purpose perfectly.  The two main types are:

  • The Sport 16RB type and
  • The Sport 22FB type

Irrespective of the one you choose, the two of them look cute and beautiful.

The Sport 16RB model

This model of RV has a dry weight of 2860 pounds and this makes it relatively light.  It comes with all the interior components you can ever desire in an RV, including a full kitchen and a bathroom.

The room plays host to a monster bed that is wide enough to accommodate 2 to 3 adults for a wonderful night’s rest.  There is a sleeper sofa in the living area that can function as both a sitting and sleeping space.

So, an extra adult can sleep on it for the night.  Also, there is an adequate provision for storage in the travel trailer.   

The travel trailer may look small, but its interior is not cramped at all. What is more, its interior contains all the essential features you can ever hope for in a travel trailer. Despite this, it is still spacious for all occupants.

The kitchen is stuffed with equipment and appliances to make the cooking time a wonderful time.  The dining area is wide enough for all occupants also and meals can be comfortably prepared in the kitchen area for all occupants thanks to the wide countertop installed there.    

The Sport 22FB model

This type comes with a U-shaped dinette large enough to accommodate all the occupants at dinner time.  The bathroom in this one is also very big. As a result, you can use it without any worries about splattering the items in the bathroom with water.

Aside from the wide bathroom, this model of the travel trailer also comes with all the wonderful interior features you can ever hope for in an RV.  The kitchen is also wide and the bedroom is not small at all.

There is equally a dining area and the kitchen is adequate equipped to make mealtime a wonderful time.  Everything about the travel trailer is modern and this is one of the many features that set it apart from the crowd.

This particular brand of the travel trailer is 16 feet in length and it tends to be expensive; this is understandable, anyway, considering the incomparable interior features and exterior fittings that it comes with.

The travel trailer also has a dry weight of 3,634 pounds. This makes it several pounds heavier than the Sport 16RB model.  Do not also forget that this particular brand is longer than the former. So, its extra weight should not be surprising.

The interior of the bedroom is equipped with a double-sized mattress and it is highly comfortable. So, it can offer you a wonderful sleep each time you lay on it. The bed is also curved to make it able to fit into the curved shape of the interior.  

The bedroom occupies one end of the travel trailer, while the bathroom occupies the other end with the kitchen occupying the middle space. This arrangement also obtains in the Sport 16RB model of the travel trailer.  


The Airstream Sport Travel Trailer is one of the best money can buy. Its price may be on the high side, but there is a 100% assurance that it will give you good value for money.

If you do not have the money to buy it, you can also rent it for your camping adventure and it will serve its intended purpose quite alright. 

You can go for any of the two types available and you will never regret it irrespective of the one you choose between them.

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