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Teardrop trailers are named so because of its shape which is round at one end and tapered at the other end. They are small and are best suited for RVers who love to explore. There are many varieties which only include bedroom to those floorplans which have a bedroom, kitchen and dining area, and a wet bath.

It has a clever design and is compactable for adventure lovers. Although they have main power hookups similar to other trailers, lighting, and other electrical power supplied by a storage battery.

 A teardrop trailer is a good option as it has basic amenities within it and occupies a lesser area. They may have bathrooms which often utilize swivel toilets, folding sinks, faucets that double as showerheads, and more to make the small floorplan highly efficient and effective.

These trailers are lightweight and can be towed by vehicles like light trucks, crossovers, SUVs, and even some motorcycles. The average weight of RV is less than 4000 lbs. The lightest option is MyPod.

Similar to size is their price. Teardrop trailers price varies from under $20,000 to over $40,000 and is affordable compared to other RVs. This is the basic price and it varies on whatever features you add onto your RV. Therefore, we can say that a teardrop RV is the one that can be customized according to your budget.

If you are a family-oriented person and love to take your family and friends to the campground, then a teardrop trailer is not an option for you. They are most suited to solo travelers, couples, or small families.

Teardrop trailers were introduced and were popular in the 1930s and then gradually disappeared from the camping field by the mid-1960s. it then again started gaining popularity by the 1990s and continuing the journey. Share your suggestions, information, and experiences in the comment box.

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