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All the Information You Need About Inflating Camper Tires

May 6, 2020

What are the dangers of over-inflated tires?

Gas mileage, tire wear and tear, driving safety – all of it can be affected due to insufficiently inflated truck tires. You may have to take help from your manual to know about the recommended ideal tire pressure.

Also, you will need to re-check each tire after filling. If you see symptoms, you can hire Camper Repair Michigan.

1 A huge risk of driving on over-inflated tires is poor handling. Over-inflated tires face difficulty establishing proper grip on the road. This could result in better gas mileage. Also, the camper driver will experience reduced handling and traction. This problem will become worse when roads will be covered with rain or snow. All of these factors together increase your risk of facing an accident. If nothing worse, over-inflated tires can cause an uncomfortable ride due to excessive vibration and rough rolling.

2 Improper tire inflation can make your tires burst. Over-inflation causes vehicle tires to get over-heated increasing the risk of blowouts. A tire blowout will cause your entire tire structure fall apart. This could lead drivers lose all control of the camper causing some serious accident.

3 Over-inflated tires cause premature tire wear. The stiff structure makes the tires susceptible to damage when running over potholes and hitting curbs. Treading on over-inflated tires causes faster wear and tear at the tire centre. When this happens, you will have to replace the tires without delay. You may also be penalised for driving on unsafe over-inflated camper tires.

What are the dangers of under-inflated tires?

Under-inflated tires are as dangerous as treading on over-inflated tires. Under-inflated tires can also cause over-heating. Under-inflation causes heat to build up within the tire that can result into tread separation. To stay safe, you need to keep checking your tire pressure frequently.

1 Under-inflation is one of the main causes of camper tire failure. When the tire pressure becomes excessively low, a huge part of the tire comes into contact with the road. This excessive contact causes increased friction. This may get your camper tires over-heated and even catch fire. The bright side is that under-inflated tires do not rupture right away. You will have time to get repairs done when you see premature wear, blowouts, and tread separation.

2 A camper tire blowout could cause the driver to lose control and cause an accident. It can also cause potential danger for other people sharing the road with you. A Trailer Repair in Michigan can help you with this.

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