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Detailed Blue Ox Sway Bar Reviews Guide!

October 23, 2021

Blue Ox Sway Bar Reviews

A sway bar can also be called an anti-roll bar. Or you can call it a stabilizer bar.  It is a very important part of a vehicle’s suspension system that keeps the vehicle level when you are turning a corner. Sway bars are long and hollow in design. 

They are made of steel and designed in an arched manner directly attached to the chassis of your vehicle. It helps to connect both sides of the wheel for easy maneuvering.  As a result, your vehicle can be stabilized without preventing the suspension from moving on its own.

The outer ends of the sway bars are connected to the components of the suspension via the sway bar links.  The sway bars are a torsional swing and its link can smooth the transfer of motion between the control arm and the sway bars. 

The link can also be trusted for maintaining the camber angle located in the inner wheels to put the vehicle’s motion under control.

Bear in mind that there are two major applications of a way bar. It can be used for correcting movement problems in automobiles and can also be used for connecting a travel trailer to the tow vehicle, which can be a minivan, a car, an SUV, or even a small truck.  

We will mention the two major applications here. When talking about its application to travel trailers or campers, we will focus on the Blue Ox brand of sway bars.  

Blue Ox Sway Bar Reviews

Functions of a sway bar

A sway bar helps to increase the roll stiffness of the suspension, which is the resistance of the suspension to roll in turns.

This action does not depend on the spring rate of the suspension to roll in the vertical direction.  The sway bars found extensive use in cars made before World War 1. 

It was adopted because of the stiffness of the suspension. Then you could find them in cars made after the Second World War and this was even more common in those automobiles that come with softer coil spring suspensions.

How they operate

The main purpose of a sway bar is to force either side of an automobile to raise, lower or attain similar height and to reduce it from tilting to one side when the vehicle turns a sharp corner, curves, or climbs over a large bump.

 If the bar is removed from the automobile, the wheels of the vehicle can easily turn by a large distance  

The sway bars designs come in various forms. Whatever the design is does not matter; they all have the same function, which is to force the suspension rod, spring, or shock absorber at the opposite wheel to raise or lower to the same level as the other wheel.

If you have to turn very fast, the vehicle will move to drop closer on the outer wheels since the sway bars will force the other wheel to draw closer to the vehicle.  

This makes the vehicle hug the road very closely when you make a fast turn, in which case all the wheels will e closer to the body of the vehicle.

The downward pressure will reduce after the fast turn.  Then the two wheels can be restored to their original height against the vehicle and they will remain at this same level with the help of the sway bars that connect them.

Each pair of the vehicle’s wheels is connected by the bar. As a result,  the two operate together to cause all the wheels to offset the individual tilting of the other wheels, causing the vehicle to remain at the same level contrary to the slope of the terrain.

Principle of operation

Sway bars can be referred to as a torsion spring resisting body roll motions.  It is usually made by using a cylindrical steel bar and bent to form a U shape. The U-shaped steel bar then connects to the body of the automobile at two points and the right and left ends of the suspension.  

If the right and left wheels move at the same time, the bar will rotate at its mooting points.  If the wheels move against each other, the bar will be under torsion and will be compelled to twist.  Each of the ends of the bar is linked to an end link via a flexible joint.  

The link at the end of the sway bars connects to a spot close to the axle or wheel. It will then transfer force to the opposite side from the axle which is loaded heavily. 

The force transfer follows the steps below:

  • From the axle, which is heavily loaded
  • To the end link connected to it through a bushing
  • To the sway bars bar through a flexible joint
  • To the end link connected  to the sway bars on the vehicle’s opposite side
  • To the axle on the opposite side.

The sway bars offer resistance to the torsion via its stiffness.  There is a proportionate relationship between the stiffness of the sway bars and the stiffness of the material used, as well as, the fourth power of the radius and the inverse of the length of the lever arms.  This means that the bar becomes stiffer as the lever arm becomes shorter.

There is equally a relationship between the stiffness of the bar and the geometry of the rigidity of the mounting points of the bar plus the geometry of the mounting points.  

The force required for moving the right and left wheels is related to the stiffness of the bar.  It will lead to an increase in the force needed to make the body roll.

The spring mass of the body of the vehicle generates a lateral force at its center of gravity, which has a proportional relationship to the lateral acceleration of the vehicle.  

The center of gravity is not on the roll axis most of the time. As a result, the lateral force generates a moment on the roll axis that works to roll the body. 

The roll axis can be defined as a line joining the front and rear roll centers of the vehicle.  The name for the moment thus created is the roll couple.

The suspension roll stiffness resists the roll couple, with the suspension roll system being a function of the spring rate obtainable in the vehicles’ springs, as well as, that of the sway bars.   

 The application of sway bars makes it possible for vehicle designers to minimize roll and this can be done without increasing the stiffness of the rings in the suspension in the vertical plane. 

This permits an improvement in the body control of the automobile with the ride quality not being compromised.,

A positive camber of the vehicle’s wheel can be considered as one of the effects of the body lean for a typical suspension geometry.

The camber is outside the wheel’s turn and gives a negative result on the inside. This lowers their cornering grip especially when it concerns the cross-ply tires.

Semi-active sway bar

There are proposals on the various methods via which one can decouple sway bars.  The Mitsubishi Mirage Cyborg was the very first car to use an active sway bar and it was produced in 1988.  The vehicle has a dual-mode suspension featuring a 16-v turbo model.

It features a front sway bar possessing a built-in sway bar link connecting the hydraulic actuator. You can operate the actuator via a simple switch located on the dashboard of the vehicle.  

The switch can help to change the sway bar effectiveness between the touring mode and the sport mode.  Another vehicle of note is the 2018 Jeep Wrangler.

It also features a decoupler that can be easily switched. Though the decoupler is only available on some of its models and its purpose is to increase articulation of the wheel when driving off-road.

Active systems

The Active system sway bar was first installed in the Citroen Xantia Activa, a vehicle made in 1994.  The car is a sedan of medium size and was popular in Europe.

 The Systeme Citroen de Controle Actif du Roulis (SC.CAR) was featured in the sway bar made to be stiffened under suspension command in the course of hard cornering of the vehicle.  

The car could roll by a maximum of 2 degrees.    

The Active Roll Stabilization (ARS) was introduced in the BMW 7 Series (E65) in 2011. It is an active sway bar that can be controlled proportionally and automatically by the use of a suspension-control computer, leading to a reduction in body lean and improvement in the quality of rough road rides.

The Active Stabilizer Suspension System was introduced in Toyota vehicles in 2006.  The system works by altering sway bar stiffness and acts in reducing body tilt while the vehicle is cornering.

It, therefore, helps to keep the vehicle level while it is turning and equally improve its handling, thereby preventing the vehicle from rolling because of the lateral forces it expires while carrying out high-speed maneuvering.     

The active stabilizer system depends on the electric motor and body sensors of the vehicle.  The first production of their system was used in the Lexus GS430 sports sedan made in August 2005.

 The Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control (PDCC) was installed in the Porsche Cayenne in 2007. It is a system featuring active roll bars and it was available for sale on the European market.

The Third generation Mercedes-Benz M-Class was introduced in 2011 and it has similarities to the Active Curve System.  The Dynamic Response active anti-roll bar was installed in the Range Rover Sport.

However, another approach was adopted by the Active Body Control system in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.  In this system, the computer makes use of sensors for detecting height difference, lateral force, and lateral load in the suspension strut.

It then lowers or raises the spring to counter-roll using hydraulic pressure.  The system is built to remove the anti-roll bar.  Many of the anti-roll control systems out there permit a small degree of the roll to produce a more natural feel.

The Toyota brand equally utilizes Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS), a special mechanical system.

 The system works by disengaging the stabilizer bars when the vehicle is on an off-raid terrain, thereby permitting a greater articulation of the vehicle and improving ride quality.   

0TH7253 Rear Sway Bar

The sway bar is created to make it a lot more enjoyable to drive again. Check below for some of its many features:

  • It is created to lower the sway due to curves and passing trucks on the road
  • It can put the driver in control better of the vehicle
  • It helps to reduce body roll
  • In this product, the OEM sway bars are not as tough or big as the aftermarket sway bars.

Check below for important points about this product:

  • Make sure you set to choke the tires and also set the parking brake before you begin the installation
  • Make sure also that the vehicle’s weight is on the suspension and this will help to make the installation a lot easier and will enable you to adjust the bars hitch-free. You should avoid raising the vehicle by frame.
  • The kit comes with lock nuts that need to be tightened using a wrench  after you have started it by hand
  • The sway bar mounts on the back of the axle with the arms pointing in the direction of the vehicle’s rear.

Simple installation procedure

  • Remove the sway bars installed from the factory. You should avoid throwing away the end link hardware since it can be used for connecting new sway bars
  • Get the U-boat installed on the legs of the rear axle with its legs pointing to the vehicle’s rear. Make sure that the brake lines are located outside the legs of the U-bolt and will not get damaged within you tighten the U-bolts.
  • Next, get the D-shaped poly bushing installed on the sway bar and make it very close so that it can match the  U-Bolts mounted on the axle
  • Place the saddle brackets on the axle follows by insertion of the U-bolt’s legs through the holes present in the saddles. Lift the sway bar to the axle and get the U-plates positioned over the D-Bushings.  Get the washers and the nuts adequately tightened using 9/16 inches to provide support for the sway bar on the axle.  You can leave it loose at times to give room for adjustment at a later date.
  • You can now get the hourglass bushing inserted into the loop in the end link assembly followed by the sleeve. He the sleeve and bushing are adequately lubricated to make assembly very easy.
  • You can now use the factory locknuts, washers, and bolts to attach the end link to the frame. You can then tighten it to 35 ft-lb.
  • Get the end link assembled by placing bushings, washers, hex nuts, and jam nuts. Raise the height of the sway bar to the end links earlier assembled and then get the sway bar arms attached to the end links using the lockout and bushing washer left over.  Let the bushing show signs of bulging before you stop tightening the nuts. You should avoid damaging the bushing by not over-tightening the nuts.  
  • You can then tighten the U-bolts to a maximum of 80 ft-lb while the sway bar is located at the center of the axle
  • Check the installation for clearance under the components, which include fuel lines, brake, exhaust, and wires.
  • Check the installation again after driving for about one week. You can then carry out any adjustment if there is a need for that. Make sure the installation is rechecked every month after that.

TH218, Front Sway Bar- Workhorse W20-22 (integrated shock casting)

Check below for its feature:

  • It can reduce the sway of the vehicle when it drives past a truck and when making a curve on the road
  • It can increase the ability of the driver to control the vehicle
  • It can lower the chance of a body roll
  • The Aftermarket sway bars are much tougher and larger than the OEM sway bars.

How to install

Before you start the installation of this sway bar, first choke the tire and set the parking brake. 

Make sure also that the vehicle’s weight is on the suspension and this will help to make the installation a lot easier and will enable you to adjust the bars hitch-free. You should avoid raising the vehicle by frame.

The installation process is highlighted below:

  • Remove the most frontal two U-bolts on the front axle.
  • Then get the axle-plate installed on the bottom of the axle bearing U-plate mounting holes that face inboard on the automobile.  You can use torque and O.E. hardware for securing the axle plates. Make sure it is done to factory specification.
  • Used the holes found on the side of the frame rail to locate the frame brackets of the axle. The holes found on the driver side are useful for the steering box mount. The two holes on the passenger’s side are open.  Remove the two bolts on the steering box for mounting the driver’s side frame bracket.  The bushing tab can be used for mounting the frame bracket inside the frame rail of the rail flange.  You should tread cautiously when you want to install the driver’s side frame bracket.  Get the bracket installed behind or under all hard and electrical lines.  Get the frame bracket secured using the available hardware and torque until it attains the factory specification.
  • Repeat the process above on the passenger’s side. The frame holes on the passenger’s side are open.
  • Next, get the end links installed to the frame brackets and also leave them to lose during the installation.
  • After you have installed the axle plates and bracket, attach the sway bar to the base of the axle plates with the help of the U-plates and D-bushing direct the sway bar hump downward and direct the arm in the direction of the coaching front. You can leave the bolt to lose for now in case of future adjustment. Get the sway bar connected to the end link with the provided hardware.  Place the sway bar in a central position on the U-plate to ensure the bar is in the same direction as the end links. Make sure the endlink assumes the same direction as the U-plate  to the axle plate, as well as, 1 ½ cap screw
  • After the above installations, you can now tighten all the hardware to the specifications recommended.

TH218, Front Sway Bar- Workhorse W20-22 (Separate shock casting)

Some of its features are highlighted below:

  • It helps to reduce the sway of the vehicle when it speeds past trucks on the road or makes a curve while in motion
  • It can increase driver’s control
  • It prevents the vehicle from rolling
  • The aftermarket sway bars are much tougher and larger than the OEM sway bars.

Before you begin the installation, choke the tires and set the parking brake. The weight of the automobile should be on the vehicle’s suspension for easier installation. You should also avoid raising the vehicle by frame.

The installation process in this one is similar to what obtains in the integrated shock casting type.

Blue Ox BXW1000-S

 SwayproThis product offers the driver complete confidence of safety while driving.  It also makes towing a lot easier so that vehicles can be towed in virtually any stressful condition, including downhill grades.  It can bear heavy loads and you can tow past trucks hassle-free. 

The product makes it easy to withstand crosswinds and enables the diver to make quick maneuvers hassle-free.

The product equally offers a 2-point sway control that performs better than the cam-style systems and add-on sway bars. It also offers a far better weight distribution.

The product features an inbuilt 2-point sway control.  It is very easy to set up and you can also adjust it with complete ease you can even use either the cam-style or chain-style hitches.

The product has an impressive weight distribution, which offers highly improved braking and steering control. 

The product can get you on the road a lot faster and you will not have to go through any stress or a lot of work when compared to the add-on sway control bars; in the latter case, you will have to install the product and remove it when you want to reverse. The weight distribution also makes towing a lot safer, easier and faster for you.  

The product features a 10-year warranty, which indicates longevity.  It means the product can serve your needs on the road for many years to come.  

The product is easy to install and it is the perfect item for your ATV trailers, construction, cargo, boat, and even RV.


  • It comes with an inbuilt weight distributional and sways control
  • The product is highly flexible also
  • Each unit features a 10-year warranty
  • It can get the RV on the road very fast.
  • The product features a 2-point sway control
  • It weighs 89 pounds
  • It also has a dimension of 10.5 x 33 x 9 inches.


  • The product has a various weight rating of 1000 pounds.
  • Its brackets are also mounted about 27 inches back from the hitch ball center
  • It enables easier, faster, and safer towing because of its weight distribution
  • Additionally, the product offers a highly improving braking power and steering control.
  • You can rest assured that there will be a reduced sway of the travel trailer as you tow it to the campsite.
  • The product will keep your vehicle safe on the road. It will also give you complete confidence even if the towing situation is somewhat dangerous, like when you have to make a quick maneuver, fight crosswinds and pass semi-trucks on the road.
  • The inbuilt sway control offers you a complete solution without involving any add-on
  • There is also no restriction when you want to back the vehicle, thanks to the sway bar. You can leave the RV attached irrespective of the wind condition.
  • The product comes with a long-term warranty; it actually features a 10-year warranty, which indicates that it will last for a very long time.


  • The product can only accommodate a limited weight rating for towing equipment, like hitch ball, ball mount, receiver hitch, tow vehicle, or trailer.

Blue OX BXW 1500-S Swaypro

The product comes with four integrated friction points and this improves its balance. It always has a reliable weight distribution system that can successfully reduce sway.

The product can balance conveniently any load that you put in the trailer so that you can have a smooth ride to the camping site.

Each unit comes with adjustable shank fits of 2 inches trailer hitches.  There is no need for drilling in the clamp-on brackets.

The product has a weight capacity of 1500 pounds and this can sufficiently bear the weight of your RV and several other towing types of equipment.  It will undoubtedly give you value for money.

The product weighs 95.8 pounds, which is not too much for a product in its category. It has a dimension of 5.25 x 12 x 15.5 inches, which makes it a rather small product than many others. Since its dimension and width are not so huge. Its capacity is also somewhat limited.

The product is made in the United States and manufactured in line with the quality obtainable in the country.

So, you will be purchasing a good quality product when you opt for Blue Ox sway bars. While the product is outstanding, bear in mind that it has been discontinued by the manufacture and you will not be able to get brand new Blue Ox BXW to sway bars for now.

The item can be shipped both within and outside the United States. Be that as it may, it can only be shipped to some selected countries outside the US.  

Each product comes with a long-term warranty also and this indicates that it can serve you for many years to come.


  • The product has a weight capacity of 1500 pounds
  • It also has a dimension of 5.25 x 12 x 15.5 inches
  • It weighs 95.8 pounds too
  • It is made in the United States. It can be shipped from one end of the United States to another, as well as, to some other countries outside the United States.
  • It features a 9-point height adjustment too
  • The product features a standard coupler and clamp-on latch
  • It has, however, been discontinued by the manufacturer.
  • Each unit comes with a long-term warranty


  • The product is solid and built to last for a very long time.
  • It has a long term warranty also and this gives assurance that you will not have to replace it with a new one for a very long time
  • It features a 9-point height adjustment to make it a lot easier to use.
  • The product also works on fully boxed in frames, which adds more value to it
  • Each unit of the product features a latch wrench too
  • The beauty of it is that you can back the vehicle without having to disconnect the chains  if the hitch weight is just 900 pounds, you can still easily use the 1500 pounds model


  • The product does not come with a ball; so, you will have to buy the ball separately.

Blue Ox BXW1000-S

The product is one of the best for the money when you want to buy a sway bar. It is made to last for a very long time and you will always get value for money when you buy it.

The product also has an impressive adjustable shank and will not get damaged under the weight of the camper.

The product can withstand any unfriendly weather condition and stand against anything that the elements may throw its way.  

Each unit has a 1000 pounds weight limit and also features a 9-point height adjustment.  The product offers a camp-on latch and a standard coupler.

It has a total weight of 99.6 pounds and its dimensions are 32.5 x 12.9 x 8.3 inches.  It is made in the United States and this gives assurance that it has impressive quality

 You need to also bear in mind that the manufacturers do not make this particular product anymore.  So, it may be scarce to get a new one.

Even if you have to get one, you may have to make do with a fairly used one.  Since the new ones may not be readily available.

The product can be easily shipped within the United States from one end to another.  You can also order the product from outside the united state.

 However, shipping to other countries aside from the USA is limited in that not all countries can benefit from that service.

Each unit of the product comes with a long-term warranty and this indicates that it will last for a very long time.  You will need to get in touch with the manufactures to learn more about the warranty on the product.

The –S attached to its name indicates that the product can work perfectly with large SUVs.  It will connect very well with minivans, cars, small SUVs, and trucks. It will equally not fail when connected to large SUVs and ¾ trucks requiring 0-11 inches adjustment.


  • The product is adaptable to different categories of vehicles like minivans, cars, small SUVs, and even ½ tons trucks.
  • It has a load capacity of 1000 pounds
  • It has been discontinued by the manufactures.
  • There is a return policy on the product that enables the buyers to return the product for a replacement or a refund.
  • The product features a 9-point height adjustment also
  • It equally features a standard couple and clamp-on latch.
  • It weighs 99.6 pounds.
  • The dimensions of the product are 32.5 x 12.9 x 8.2 inches.
  • It is also made in the united states of America


  • The product features a 9-point height adjustment for a more versatile use
  • It can also conveniently bear up to 1000 pounds of weight
  • What is more, the product features an adjustable shank for a better use
  • It can also be trusted for weight distribution, which ensures balanced on-road and off-road experiences.
  • It is made according to the standard obtainable in the united states and this assures of incomparable quality
  • Each unit has a long-term warranty.
  • Additionally, you can benefit from the impressive return policy, which gives you the freedom to return the product and get a refund or replacement


  • Its weight capacity is somewhat small
  • The number of shipping destinations is also not so impressive.

Blue Ox BXW0850 Track Pro

This is yet another product worthy of note for those looking for a Blue Ox sway bar.  The product is one of the most rugged you can ever come by when looking for a sway bar for the money.

 It is made of alloy steel and this is one of the many features that make it truly stand out. It also weighs 95 pounds and will turn out to be one of the best products for your RV.

If you are looking for a highly affordable Blue Ox sway bar, this product is a very good choice.   It features a friction sway control that prevents say so that the attached trailer can move on the road with complete ease.

 Its weight distribution is even and this ensures safe traveling from your home to the camping site. The Sway Management Technology in the product makes it outstanding.

The end-user can also access the Soft Ride Technology in the product, which comes built into it.  This technology ensures stability and also gives the driver a smooth ride all through the length of the journey. 

The product comes with a backup that does not require the removal of the hitch.  The spring steel used in making the product adds a lot of ruggedness and durability to it, which indicates that you will not have to replace it for a long time to come.

The product can bear a weight of 8000 pounds, which makes it one of the strongest Blue ox sway bars for the money.


  • The product features inbuilt Soft Ride Technology, which permits a very convenient and smooth ride in every condition whatsoever
  • There is no need for any add-on sway control
  • You can back up the RV without requiring disconnect the trailer first.
  • The shank fit is adjustable and has a dimension of 2 inches
  • Its receivers hitch is also 10 inches
  • The L-brackets offer two points of sway control.
  • Its weight is 95 pounds
  • Its dimension is 16 x 12 x 7 inches
  • The product comes with a long-term warranty


  • The product comes with a long-term warranty and this indicates that it is going to last for a very long time.
  • The product is made in the United States and this means it is a top-quality product.  
  • The product has a weight capacity of 8,000 pounds. As a result, it can bear a lot of weight without any problem.
  • The product comes with a long-term warranty also and this shows that it will always last for a very long time to come.
  • You can even benefit from a great return policy when you shop here. The return policy enables you to return the product if you are not satisfied with a refund or replacement, depending on which is convenient for you.
  • the product functions based on the Soft Ride Technology that enables smooth ride irrespective of the road or environmental condition
  • The product also has the Sway Management Technology to prevent swaying as you navigate your way to the camping site.


  • none


The information provided above opens the eyes to the various applications of a sway bar and also reviews some of the best quality Blue Ox sway bars on sale out there today. You can go for any of them and you will get value for money.

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