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Can High Winds Flip over your RV?

Can High Winds Flip over your RV?

By high winds, we mean storms that can flip an RV. Not just during winds, you must take precaution for severe weather situations.

If you’re living inside an RV during the time, it can be a daunting act. Here’s what you can do: move somewhere else. RV repair Michigan experts say that it depends upon the weight and size of your RV too.

So, what can you do to avoid it? Follow these precautions to prepare for heavy winds.

Point to the wind. During winds, make sure to point the vehicle’s front side towards the direction from where the wind is coming towards you. This trick reduces the impact as opposed to when hit at the broadside. Chances to flip over by the broadside is higher.

Follow the forecast. Stay prepared beforehand. Follow the weather forecast or have alerts sent to you in your smartphone from a weather app.

Put slides in. Or else, it can get noisy. Taking them in decreases the area it can hit.

Put stabilizer jacks down. This one’s a no-brainer. Putting the stabilizer back down helps a lot.

Release air from motorbags. If you have air-filled motorbags, release them to remove the bounciness from the RV.

Park next to a wall / hillside. The best trick ever. When you’re aware of a potential hit, make sure to park it near a huge edifice that’s strong enough to hold itself. A wall or the hillside, if you’re somewhere there can help reduce the impact by 45%.

Dodge trees. It goes without saying that parking near trees can increase the impact. Of course, if the wind’s rough, the tree will come down on your RV. Damage done bad.

These are some smart tricks of precaution from RV repair Michigan experts. When you’re on vacation and a storm is announced, you will know how to play. But remember to take shelter at a hotel and not stay in the RV.

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