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Can I Put a Regular Mattress in My RV?

Can I Put a Regular Mattress in My RV

Can I Put a Regular Mattress in My RV?

Yes, you can use an ordinary mattress in your RV, but you also need to put certain factors into consideration. We are going to open your eyes to some of those factors in the course of this write-up.

Importance of a mattress in an RV

A good mattress is one of the most important things to put in mind when planning an adventure and you have to go on the adventure in your RV.  A good mattress will ensure that you have a wonderful night’s rest while on the trip so that you will not miss your mattress at home too much. 

It is essential to rest very well every night while on the camping adventure.  It will get you refreshed and ready to take on the challenges of the future. If you have a good mattress in the RV, you will find yourself looking forward to resting as the night approaches.

You must get everything right when planning the camping adventure and one of the most important things to consider is the comfort of your RV mattress. You must never fail in this regard at all.

There are so many categories of RV mattresses being sold out there today with each of them claiming to be the best. It is not in your best interest to put your trust in what the sellers have to say until you have taken time to properly investigate that brand of RV mattress.

This is the only way via which you can get value for money.

Comfort is the keyword to put in mind when searching for the right RV mattress to buy.  A good RV mattress capable of delivering incomparable comfort will have what is called memory foam.

Memory foam is the major secret behind the comfort and relaxation that an RV mattress can provide. 

Different types of RV mattresses

The following are examples of RV mattresses money can buy:

  • Twin mattress
  • RV King Mattress
  • Truck size mattress
  • Queen mattress
  • Bunk mattress
  • Standard mattress
  • Three quarter mattress
  • Standard mattress
  • RV full or double mattress
  • Short queen RV mattress

The particular type you go for can depend on the size available in your RV.  So, you should first measure the sleeping space in the RV and use that to determine the particular type or size of RV mattress to buy.

Using a regular mattress in RV

This question is very common among RV users. They want to know if the regular mattress can also function in the RV as this will remove the need to purchase an entirely new mattress or look for a specific kind of mattress when making their purchase.

It is also possible to get the regular mattress at a cheaper price than an RV mattress, thereby helping you to save some money.

Furthermore, studies show that the regular kind of mattress tends to be more comfortable than RV mattresses.

So, a camper that desires to have more comfort while on his adventure can use a regular mattress in place of the conventional RV mattress.

 As we have mentioned above, it is possible to use a regular mattress in your RV.  Some of the factors that can determine this possibility are highlighted below:

  • The size of the RV and that of the mattress
  • The layout of the mattress and the sleeping space in it
  • The number of sleepers to use the mattress in the RV
  • The comfort level of the mattress

 Many of the RV mattresses sold out there today included memory foams, the thickens of many RV mattresses start from five to six inches and also have multiple layers with the memory foam topping the pack.

Despite the comfort that an RV mattress can offer, it may not be as comfortable as the mattress you use at home.  If you need more comfort, therefore, it is possible to simply bring your regular mattress from your bedroom and place it in the RV for sleeping.

Replacing an RV mattress with a regular one

 In this section of the write-up, we will open your eyes to steps that you need to take when replacing your RV mattress with the regular kind of mattress.

Get the dimension before buying

To get it right, you must first measure the dimension of the RV mattress so that you can successfully replace the RV mattress with the right dimension of a standard mattress.

The measurement should also not leave out the sleeping platform in your RV as this can help determine the right size of the standard mattress to place in the RV. 

After you have obtained the dimension of the sleeping platform in the RV, you can then check if any of the mattresses you have at home match that dimension. If so, you can simply bring that regular stand from your bedroom into the RV to serve as your RV mattress.  If the sleeping space dimension fits that of a king-size or queen-size mattress, nothing should stop you from using that standard mattress if you have such a size at home.  

If the dimension of the sleeping platform is wide and you only have a smaller regular mattress at home, you can also use it in the RV, only that some spaces will be left on the platform after placing the smaller mattress on it. This does not matter especially if you will be using the mattress alone and no one will be sharing it with you.

Bear in mind at all times that the sizing of RV sleeping platforms differs from that of the standard mattresses at home. So, it is essential to measure the sleeping platform carefully to enable you to know the right size of the regular mattress to buy.  You can write down the dimensions somewhere and present them at the store so that the sellers can help you to pick the perfect size of standard mattress that will be ok for your RV sleeping platform.

If you are shopping online, you will find the dimensions of the regular mattresses sold on the online platforms listed against each of the mattresses. You can simply compare the dimensions you have jotted down with the ones written against each of the mattresses being sold. If the dimensions are not stated on the websites, you can simply reach out to the customer service agents and they will guide you.

When carrying out the measurement, you should avoid measuring the dimensions of the old mattress to be replaced with a regular mattress. Rather, your focus should be on the bed frame or sleeping platform. This is because the old mattress might have been distorted due to years of use and this might have negatively affected its size.

Do not forget to consider the depth the sleeping platform will permit. Always allow adequate space between the top of the bed to be installed and the ceiling of the RV. Older fifth-wheel campers do not permit much headroom and thicker mattresses may not be a good choice in such RVs.

Measure the tight spaces around the RV mattress

One other way to get the perfect dimension of the regular mattress to install in your RV is by measuring the tight spaces that surround the RV mattress you are currently using.  The space availability will determine how easy it will be to install the new mattress.

While it is possible to replace an RV mattress with a regular mattress, you should also note that RV mattresses afford more flexibility compared with regular mattresses.  

This means that the RV mattresses can be installed in the sleeping platform with little effort; this is unlike what happens with the traditional mattress, which will require some effort before you can tuck it in.  

The above points will help you to determine the right size of the regular mattress to buy.  When shopping for a regular mattress to be used in your RV, always consider the issue of comfort so that you can get value for money.

You need a mattress that can keep you cool all night long and make the RV more useful if you are camping in a humid or hot area.

This is very important since the temperature control in RVs is not as reliable as what obtains in homes.  As a result, the RV can overheat at night.

You need a mattress that is breathable so that you can stay cool all night long even if the condition of the area is humid and hot.

Some of the best types of regular mattresses to consider in this case are those with open-air channels.  

This type of mattress is breathable and can, therefore, make your night highly comfortable.  It can help to dissipate heat from the body of the sleeper and regulate body temperature. As a result, the sleeper will not overheat.

How to choose the right mattress for your RV

Several factors need to be put in mind when purchasing a regular mattress for your RV and comfort is paramount among these factors. 

You should consider a mattress that can serve as a sleeping space, workspace, sofa, and even a place for kids to play.

The mattress should also be able to serve as a place where you can take dinner. This will make space management in the RV even better.  

You need a tough mattress that can stand the test of time and resist any unfriendly environmental conditions. You need a mattress that can equally resist the growth of microorganisms, like mildew and mold.

Check below for more points to consider when purchasing a regular mattress for your RV

Consider the weight of the mattress

The issue of weight is very important when purchasing a regular mattress for your RV use. The weight of the mattress should not be too much so that it does not weigh down the RV unnecessarily.  Some mattresses can be as heavy as 65 pounds, while some can be as light as 40 pounds.

The number of layers of foams in the mattress can determine the weight, as well as, the type of material used in making it.

A mattress containing innerspring is a lot lighter than a latex mattress. Aside from being lighter, it is also more responsive and cooler.

If the mattress is heavy, the driving experience will be poor.  A heavy mattress will cause the RV to consume more fuel too.  So, always go for a lightweight regular mattress without compromising comfort.

Consider durability

You should also not forget to find out how durable or otherwise the mattress is before you buy it.  A durable mattress can be trusted to remain firm and useful for a very long time and you will not have to replace it for many years. 

If you travel frequently in the RV, you need a mattress that can bear the stress of use since frequent use can subject the mattress to a lot of stress. 

 Bear in mind, however, that you will have to consider replacing the mattress after about 8 years of use.

Ease of washing

Cleanliness is essential in a mattress used in an RV. The mattress must be very easy to wash so that you can maintain hygiene at all times.  

Some experts even suggest that the mattress should be washed every time you want to go on a new adventure and when you return from the adventure. 

You can make this task a lot easier for yourself by placing a mattress cover or protector on the mattress.  So, you will only have to wash the protector towards keeping your mattress clean, fresh, and hygienic.     

How firm is the mattress?

Before you purchase that mattress, you should also consider its firmness and how much support it can offer.

The beauty of it is that the regular mattress offers far more support than the normal RV mattress. If you are a back sleeper, you need a firm mattress for better sleep.  A medium-firm mattress is a good choice for side sleepers.

The choice of mattress you make in an RV can go a long way to determine how much value you can get from the mattress and how much comfort you can attain.  Living in an RV is not a bad idea, provided you can get it right and make available everything need for a comfortable experience.

You should never get it wrong when choosing a regular mattress for your RV.  Aside from comfort, you should also consider the safety of the RV lest you end up with unwanted health conditions.

The points we have discussed above can be helpful when making your choice among the various regular mattresses on sale out there today. 

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