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Being an RV owner doesn’t mean that all what you think is right. There are several misconceptions regarding RVing.

  1. Many of them believe that model numbers indicate the length of the RV. Unfortunately, it is a false belief.A few brands have tried to incorporate the length into the model number, but since too many RVs are similar in lengths,it is not practical.

  2. Another misconception is that the used generators are better than the new one. Used generators are more exposed to wear and tear. Keeping the generator unused for a long time cause moisture build-up and fuel system degradation that make the generator run poorly. 

  3. Much fake news states that a special license is required to buy and drive a large enough motorhome or trailer in the United States. No such law is implemented in the US. Since different countries have different laws, make sure about the laws of your country before purchasing a motorhome.

  4. Protecting an RV during the winter months is not required. If you take such a decision, it will be a blunder. Leaving your RV exposed to wind, moisture, and cold results in the damage of the RV. Therefore, protecting it from all these environmental factors increases the life of your RV.

  5. Towable RVs are gaining popularity nowadays people think that they easily tow an RV. This is not the right belief.  Each vehicle has a tow rating which is known as Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) set by the vehicle manufacturer. Hence, checking the GVWR of your vehicle before buying an RV always adds value and saves the cost, even if it is a truck.

RV is an additional asset in our lives and therefore any related things heard/ read about it should be special care before making into action

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