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How Thick Should An RV Mattress Be?

December 1, 2021

How Thick Should An RV Mattress Be?

It is one thing to buy an RV mattress and another thing to buy the right one.  There are several factors to consider when shopping for an RV mattress and one of the factors is the thickness of the RV.

How Thick Should An RV Mattress Be?

The thickness matters to a great extent considering the limited space in the RV. In the remaining part of this write-up, we will give you helpful tips that can guide you on how to choose the right size of RV mattress when shopping for the item online or offline.

Determine the size

You need to properly determine the size of the RV mattress before you buy.  One of the best ways to determine the size of the mattress is to measure all its dimensions. This is about a quick way to get the size, but it may not be the most accurate way.

To get this done accurately, you will have to measure the dimensions of the part of the surface where you rest on. If the mattress is placed on a platform of plywood, one of the best ways to get the dimension of the mattress is to measure the size or dimension of the mattress. 

The thickness of the mattress is one of the important factors to consider while carrying out the size estimation.

Measuring the thickness of the mattress you are currently using in the RV will rarely give you the required dimension since the mattress night has lost its original shape after being used for a very long time. 

Exposure to UV rays from the sun can also distort thickness in the mattress over time, as well as, temperature fluctuation during off-season storage.  One of the best ways to reduce this size distortion is to cover the mattress from the direct glare of the sun.    

Why thickness is important

The thickness of your mattress is very important and we are going to show you some of the reasons for that in this section of the write-up

Better sleeping

The thicker the mattress the better the comfort it can offer. A thick mattress has a lot of foams in it and each layer of foam adds its quota to the softness and comfort you can get from the mattress. 

This means that an RV mattress 8 inches thick cannot be as effective as an RV mattress 10 inches thick. Be that as it may, the cost goes higher as the thickness increases.  This means that those who prefer 10 inches mattresses must be ready to pay more money.

However, you will always get value for money if you purchase the right brand of RV mattress. Using such a mattress will help you to wake up feeling refreshed and renewed.

Better support

A very thick RV mattress can conveniently absorb pressure from the body and provide you with better support.  This means that you can lie on it without feeling pain.

The top of a very thick mattress is far away from the bottom where the hard platform is in contact with the mattress.   

This means that there is adequate softness between the platform and the top of the mattress, thereby enabling you to get more support from the mattress. 

The more the thickness, the more support you can get from the mattress and this will undoubtedly produce a better sleeping experience every night.

There is no better way to get those pressure points relieved than by using a very thick mattress. It can mold into your contours and ensure you will not feel any pain all night long.

What is more, such a mattress is more reliable for relieving pains in the joints

Withstand body weight  

If you are a plus-size person, then you need a rather thick mattress to support your body weight. The ability of an RV mattress to accommodate body weight depends on the thickness of the mattress.  Those below 250 pounds can still use 8 to 9 inches mattress satisfactorily.

The story may have to change if you are above 250 pounds, which should prompt you to go for an RV mattress from 10 inches thickness upward. It will surely do you a world of good.  

Using an RV mattress that is below your body weight range can cause the mattress to get damaged faster.    

Better heat conduction

A thick RV mattress offers softness between the bed top and the mattress top. So, it can conduct heat faster away from the body of the sleeper. 

In most cases, thick RV mattresses almost always come with thick memory foams and memory foams are responsible for the quick dissipation of heat from the body of the sleeper.

The thicker the mattress, the thicker its memory foam in most cases. Some thick mattresses can even come with an extra quilt cover made up of one to two inches of memory foam, thereby adding more softness and better heat conduction ability to the RV mattress. 

 The increased heat conduction will enable you to sleep better all night long without feeling any unnecessary heat.   

Lower motion transfer

Aside from boosting the rate of heat conduction away from the body, a thick RV mattress can also conveniently reduce weight transfer, thereby making it possible to share the bed with another person for the night without being disturbed at all.  This tendency increases as the thickness of the mattress increases.

If you are to share the RV mattress with a second sleeper, then you should consider only the very thick type of RV mattress; it will help you to share the mattress with someone else without the other person disturbing you with his toss and turn during the night.  So, you will be able to make the most of every second you spend sleeping.  

Choosing the right memory foam

When looking for a mattress that offers adequate thickness, the points we mention below can guide you on how to make the right choice.   

Size of memory foam          

The benefits of memory foam are so many. As we have mentioned earlier, the thickness of the memory foam can determine how much value you get from that foam.

Memory foam can contour the body of the sleeper and prevent pain in the pressure areas.  This is one of the many reasons why a mattress containing memory foam is more preferable to one that has springs.

Memory foams are very soft and feel cushy towards a better night’s rest. Memory foams contour around the body of the sleeper, but they will regain their normal shapes after the sleeper stands up from the bed.  

There are so many RV mattresses containing memory foams out there today and there is no way you will not get the right one just for you.  They are also available in many brands. 

 The motion isolation capability of memory foam also makes it a good choice for sleepers. This feature makes an RV mattress with memory foam a good choice for those who share their beds with another sleeper or a pet.

The capabilities of memory foam mentioned above depend a great deal on the thickness of the memory foam. So, you should first consider how thick the memory foam in that RV mattress is before you buy. 

You should always opt for RV mattresses with very thick memory foam and you will get value for money at all times.

While memory foam inclusion in the mattress makes it a good choice for sleepers, you should bear in mind that there are different types of memory foam and their qualities differ.  

You will have to take some time to properly research before you buy an RV mattress containing memory foam to enable you to determine the quality of the memory foam in that mattress.  

Memory foams can contour the body and make you feel more comfortable since all the contours in your body will be filled, thereby reducing pains.

However, not everyone likes the feeling the contouring gives them; some people say the contouring makes them feel as if they are in the mattress rather than on it.

Be that as it may, you should opt for an RV mattress that contains memory foam if you need a mattress that can conform to your body.

Memory foam is also the best for you if you are a side sleeper since the softness produced by the memory foam helps to relieve pressure on various parts of the body, like the shoulder and hip. The motion isolation capability of the memory foam also makes it a good choice for a sleeper.   

Location of sleeping platform 

Before you buy that new RV mattress, you should first consider the point where the mattress is to be installed in the RV.

The sleeping platform on the RV can go a long way to determine the right thickness to consider. 

 If the sleeping platform is somewhat high, installing a very thick mattress can reduce the space on top.

You should choose a thickness that will permit you to sit upon the mattress without hitting your head against the roof of the mattress.

Bear in mind that there are times you may want to sit on the mattress instead of lying down. You may go for any thickness you want if the sleeping platform is at the same level as the floor of the RV, which is usually not the case.

In the case of a double-decker bed, you may not be able to use the thickest RV mattress since this will end up creating inadequate space between the top of the mattress and the roof of the RV or between the top of the mattress and the base of the bunk at the top.

An air mattress containing memory foam is also a very good choice. The thickness can be of any size since it can be deflated when not in use and stored away.

You can even place the air mattress on the floor of the RV, thereby creating adequate space on top of the mattress to enable you to stand on it without hitting your head against the roof of the mattress.

If the RV mattress is to be placed on a booth dinette or a tabletop, you need to be wary of the thickness of the mattress.

 In such a situation, you should not go for a mattress that is too thick so that there can be adequate space between the top of the mattress and the roof of the RV.

Do you prefer to sleep outside the RV?  Then you will not have to worry about thickness. You can pick the thickest mattress; take it outside the RV, and lay down to sleep.  If you have limited space in the RV, sleeping on the floor should not be a problem at all.  It also has the benefit of creating adequate space for movement on the mattress.

Other important consideration

Aside from the thickness of the mattress, there are several other important points to consider when purchasing an RV mattress aside from thickness of the mattress. Check below for some of the things.

Consider the brand

The brand of the RV mattress matters a lot. You should only opt for a top-quality brand so that you can get value for money at all times.

There are many brands of RV mattresses out there today with each claiming to be the best.  Make sure you read reviews about the particular brand before you buy.

Quality of memory foam

Memory foam makes the RV mattress more useful. The major types of memory foams are:

  • Gel foam
  • Plant-based
  • Traditional

The gel-infused memory foam is the best among them in that it contours perfectly and reduces pressure points.  So, it is always better to go for an RV mattress containing gel-infused memory foam. Graphite-induced memory foam is even better than gel-infused memory foam.

Consider the firmness

RV mattresses come in different firmness. The firmness rating of the mattress can determine how much comfort it can offer.

The type of sleeper you are can determine the type of mattress to buy.  The points below will guide you on the right firmness to consider:

  • Side sleepers below 130 pounds should go for an extra soft or soft RV mattress
  • Side slippers below 230 pounds or under 130 pounds should go for a medium soft mattress
  • Back sleepers and side sleepers below 230 pounds and 130 pounds respectively should go for a medium-firm mattress.

Cost is important

You should also not overlook the cost of the mattress before you buy. You do not have to empty your bank account before you can get the perfect mattress for you.  Be that as it may, the cost tends to increase as the quality of the RV mattress increases.    

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