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How to Prevent RV from Sun and Water Damage

How to Prevent RV from Sun and Water Damage

Storing RVs out in the open for a whole season or even for just the night isn’t helping the longevity of the vehicle.

So, as RV repair Michigan experts say, RV protection in any situation must be a habit of the RV owner. Or else time will have its ways with the body. Plus, it passes quick, so you won’t know how it’s damaged.

Here’s how to prevent an RV from sun and water damage since the repair is tough.

1. Perform regular inspections

RV repair Michigan experts suggest running regular inspection of the RV health. Starting from tires to the roof.

This way, it keeps maximum problems away or else one fine day you wake up to your RV not starting, body damage from behind which you never noticed, sun and water taking their toll on the roof, etc.

2. Keep roof clean to keep it strong

One of the major reasons to keep the roof clean is that it keeps it strong. It’s a common problem that people complain about and the root cause is always an unattended roof.

3. Inspect all seams

Make sure to check all corner areas and if their seams and seals are perfect in place. If you find any, you can easily repair it and prevent water leaks among other problems.

4. Cover your RV with an RV cover all time

Always, when you’re not using the RV, cover it with a thick waterproof cover specially design for RVs. Even for the slightest time you keep it outside under the sky. And for the whole season, it’s obviously a holy practice.

Prevent damage unless it becomes serious. If you’re reading this after it’s damaged, please contact RV repair Michigan professionals to treat the vehicle right.

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