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How to repair water damage in your camper?

How to repair water damage in your camper?

Water damage in RVs or campers is extremely common. Out of 5, 4 have faced this, hands down.

And to repair it can be intimidating too.

However, in this blog, we tell you how to fix water damage in your camper. The tips come straight from Camper repair Merrill Michigan experts.

Ways to repair water damage in your Camper

Here’s what you can do to save your RV from severe water damage. If you find these steps tough, remember that experts from camper repair Merrill Michigan exist to fix it even on-the-go.

1.      Multi-purpose latex primer

Use a multi-purpose latex primer to put a foundational plaster that would serve as the base for the upcoming shields on them.

Getting a multi-purpose primer is easier as it’s needed for many reasons. So, you’ll get one at any store near you.

2.      Wash/clean damages areas where water oozes out

It’s important to wash or clean the damaged areas where water comes out from or seeps out.

Mold accumulation becomes very common because of water damage. So, make sure to use bleach to wash/clean them and fight off molds and even prevent them from appearing again.

3.      Prime all areas

Now, this is for those who intend to paint. Priming all areas secures the base and prevents future water damage.

And it’s best before painting to make the colors last longer and keep the build stronger.

4.      Caulk areas where water comes out

Caulking is a technique of sealing gaps with an effective waterproof sealant. That’s the best since its waterproof aspect blocks water to ooze out.

5.      Apply finishing coat of paint

Finally, apply the finishing coat of paint into that area.

Of course, you should give it ample time to dry and settle strong only then can you go for it.

After that, the paint coat acts as another, subtle, sealant as well. But this needs the foundational earlier steps to be effective. Finally, the area is not only pretty, it’s strong and fights off water seeping out.

Now, if these are too much of work, feel free to contact camper repair Merrill Michigan experts to do the job for you.

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