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How will you know that your RV Camper Engine is dying?

The many miles on the road that your camper has to spend on the road while travelling long distances by road can be tough on your camper, especially when you have logged hundreds and thousands of miles on a single engine.

Even if you have the best quality camper engine, at some point of time it will have had enough. Hence, you will need to be able to read and identify the signs that your engine shows when it is nearing the end of its lifespan, especially when you very well know that you’ve travelled a significant number of miles with your current RV camper engine.

Following is a list of a few essential warning signs from the experts of RV Camper Repair in Michigan that will help you understand that its time for your engine to get some proper repair work done on it.

1 . Abrupt fall in fuel efficiency-

Keep an eye and check if your fuel economy is taking a nosedive for a while now. If you see that you have been spending more time at the gas station and your tank empties too fast, it could be an indication of a variety of issues with your camper. The most common instance of an issue causing such conditions is a failing engine. The problem could be very simple, like, for example, it could be caused be worn and damaged injections. Or could be a whole another issue entirely. But whenever you see such a symptom, it will be wisest to call in camper repair service in Michigan to come and inspect your camper.

2 . Exhaust malfunctions-

If you see that the exhaust released by your vehicle is suddenly coming out in a different colour, it could indicate potential troubles. If the exhaust is being emitted in dark blue or black colour, this indicates that either your engine oil is burning or that the fuel environment is excessively lean or excessively rich. Even issues with your cylinder liner, injectors, or piston rings, and these too indicate probable issues with your engine.

3 . Rapid oil consumption-

If you are having to check your oil-levels frequently or if you are having to add more oil in between your standard oil changes worrying that your engine might get dry, this could be caused due to an oil leak or oil burning from issues with your cylinder liner or piston rings.

4 .Reduced power-

You may see that you are needing significant amounts of power when your camper id on a heavy journey. If you see that your camper is not running with the speed it is supposed to run with, it may indicate that you are losing compression in your cylinders. This could be due to issues with your valves, head gasket, or piston rings. This also calls for an engine check-up.

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