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Is it Hard to Maintain an RV?

Is it Hard to Maintain an RV?

It’s easy if you keep the maintenance regular. So, it depends.

Keeping an eye on some parts and areas of the vehicle can keep the health great. For instance, the seams and seals of the roof and corners need constant checking. Not that they’re weak but being alert can prevent trouble on route.

Plus, it’s as if you’d care for your car being slightly more careful.

RVers have claimed that when it comes to clean or repair their campers, the process intimidates them. Trailer repair in Merrill Michigan experts can relate and understand how the DIY process can go for new owners.

However, now, it’s a second nature to the RVers.

But how? They followed these simple lookouts responsibly.

1. Check wheel lugs

Before each trip, tighten every lug nut only with a torque wrench, to manufacturer’s specifications. Next, when removing wheels, tighten lugs at every 50 miles, 100 miles, and 200 miles because no one’s stopping travelers! Make sure to use the torque wrench.

2. Drain pipes monthly

At times, the odor of excreta in the pipes and p-traps permeates the RV interior. So, the toilet pipes need special attention every month or two. Or else, the insides become hot, gradually leaking odor. Draining and flushing them clean can keep this event away. But, make sure there’s always liquid or else the coach will begin to smell.

3. Prevent cobwebs in Propane regulator

Spiders love the smell of propane and will build webs around it. When it happens, it prevents the propane regulator to see atmospheric pressure that makes it not function properly. So, you may witness high flames. So, either wrap it or clean it in the spring.

Trailer repair in Merrill Michigan experts suggest sticking to these handful of tips for your RV culture. One trick can go a long way.

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