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Maintain Your Concession Trailer Well and Save Thousands of Dollars

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Concession repair service

If you own a concession trailer, then you probably understand the amount of work it takes to run a food business. There are many things that you need to take care of, but in order for you to own a business that runs smoothly, it is essential that you maintain your concession trailer well. 

Follow our tips to learn how you can maintain your concession trailer well and in turn, save yourself a ton of money!

Keep an Eye on Your Equipment 


It is of absolute importance that you check on your kitchen equipment in your concession trailer as frequently as possible. Start by setting up a maintenance schedule and follow that religiously. Make sure that you check and fix the issues of the hoods, grills, generators, refrigerators and fryers mentioned as per your schedule. 

Check Your Concession Trailer’s Tires 


Rotate the tires of your concession trailer every 6 months. It’s a swift and inexpensive way to maintain your gas mileage. Avoid blowouts and get the most out of your tires. Check on the nuts and bolts too. If they start to come apart while in motion, it could lead to severe accidents. 

Make Sure to Check the Lights 


Checking the lights of your concession trailer should be of utmost importance to you. Make sure you check the lights once before you start your journey and once after. If the headlights or blinkers aren’t working properly, then there’s a serious risk of other drivers not being able to see your trailer. This can lead to heavy chances of severe road accidents. Ensure that you’re being safe by checking on these lights regularly. 

In addition to this, make sure that your trailer is hooked to your towing car properly and that nothing is wobbly or lose as you don’t want the connection between them to break while on the road.  

Maintain Your Wrap Well


Wrapping your trailer is no cheap business. It can cost up to thousands of dollars. Make sure you protect it by keeping it out of sunlight, when not in use. This way your wrap won’t wear off quickly and last you a very long time. 

Don’t forget to clean and maintain it with products specifically meant to be used on your wrap. By doing this, your wrap will stay intact and continue to look good for a long period of time. 

Get Your Concession Trailer Checked Professionally 


There are many things in your concession trailer that you can check yourself, but there may be times where a need for a serious repair arises. In such scenarios, it is important that you get your trailer checked professionally, as they can identify issues and provide solutions that you may not be able to perform yourself. 


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