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Must-have tools for RV Plumbing Projects & Repairs

Water leakage seems to be a common problem in RVs.

So, it’s obvious to take measures and to have tools to treat such problems whenever necessary.

RV repair Michigan experts point out the “first-aid” tools that an RV owner needs to treat any problem at least temporarily.

Here’s the tools you need.

Must-have tools for RV Plumbing Repairs

Of course, you can take it to an RV repair Michigan expert. But you must be in position to drive it without any inconvenience on the road.

For temporary healing, you must keep these tools.

1.      PEX tubing crimper and cutter

The crimping tools is used to crimp the PEX fitting surrounding the tubing system. For this, it’s best to have a couple feet of such tubing as well as some PEX rings, couplings, etc.

2.      PEX fittings and tubing

In case a plumbing line breaks, you can splice a new piece of tubing.

RV repair Michigan experts recommend splicing a tool instead of monkeying with original fittings in the RV plumbing lines. You will end up with more leaks than repairs.

3.      Teflon tape and pipe sealant

For repairing threaded connections, a Teflon tape and a pipe sealant is needed. It acts as a sealant, so it’ll prevent future leaks from the fittings that you’ve replaced.

4.      Pipe clamps and plugs

These easy-to-use and quick supplies are extremely helpful when you’re on the road and need to fix any leak quickly.

It allows you to slice a leaking plumbing line and plug it.

5.      Plumber’s grease

This is extremely helpful in repairing any faucet handles that may not be working properly. First, remove the handle then the cartridge, and then lube all the moving parts with plumber’s grease. Till then, ride along the roads of Merrill, Michigan to explore the culture. In case of inconvenience even after the repairs, take a smart step to contact RV repair Michigan professional.

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