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Never Buy an RV that has these 5 problems

Never Buy an RV that has these 5 problems

When you plan to thrift shop an RV, make sure that the camper doesn’t have these problems.

At times, we as buyers get influenced by the seller’s words as to how long they will go and work. So, we manage to take what we get.

However, doing that can lead to a bad investment since you don’t know the specifics to look for while buying an RV.

So, this blog aims to show you the places to check so that you take a healthy one home to hit the long roads. RV repair Michigan experts suggest these 5 things you should look before making the decision.

Look out for 5 things while buying an RV

Before buying one, check the condition with this list.

1.    A rubber roof

Quality RV roofs are made of aluminum or fiberglass. In fact, now, they are basic standards of good campers.

So, if you thought of buying one that has a rubber roof, it will be a big mistake since they are not at all durable. Plus, they are expensive to repair, and the cost of replacement is as high as $8,000. We assume no one told you that.

2.    Signs of water damage

It’s common but please try to avoid those which have obvious signs of water damage. Now, if they can be repaired quickly, the damage isn’t much. If not, it ruins the basic structure of the coach.

In case you notice stains around slide rooms, ceilings, furniture, carpets, or upper cabinets, walk carefully.

Plus, even if the coach appears to be dry, it can bear extensive water damage. It’s also possible that you can get smell molds or mildew. If so, RV repair Michigan experts suggest dropping the idea of buying it.

3.    Windshield damage

Just as we almost forget about this part and take it for granted, it’s one of the most important things to for.

What will you do in the middle of rain if you must keep moving? Chances of accidents are high in such scenes. Now, you may think of buying one, but they are expensive. Why not check properly and get what you paid for?

So, please don’t forget to check their presence or else you’ll end up in serious problem.

4.    Older tires

If you know how to read the numbers present on the side walls of the camper’s tires, you won’t have to depend on the seller to learn its age. Please do not think that older tires are great as opposed to new ones because it’s not the case at all.

5.    Signs of delamination

There are 2 reasons for delamination.

I) The glue that connects the outer coach walls to the inner has dried and lost its strength, or

II) Water seeps through seems and makes the external walls loose.

In this case, RV repair Michigan experts suggest taking a walk around the unit you’re inspecting and look for indentations or bubbling. Even if you’re offered this at a lower price, this is harmful in the long run. Better yet, save up a few more to a buy a new.

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