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Park Like a Pro: 8 Tips for Parking Your Concession Trailer in Michigan

Park Your Concession Trailer in Michigan

Parking a concession trailer in Michigan requires skill and attention to detail to ensure a smooth and successful operation. Whether you’re serving delicious food at a festival or catering an event, mastering the art of parking your concession trailer is crucial. In this blog post, we’ll share eight valuable tips to help you park your concession trailer like a pro in the diverse locations of Michigan.

Research Parking Regulations:

Before heading to your desired location, familiarize yourself with the parking regulations specific to each city or county in Michigan. Some areas may have restrictions on parking trailers, while others may require permits. Understanding the rules and regulations will save you from unnecessary fines and ensure a hassle-free parking experience.

Scout the Location:

Visit the location in advance or use online resources to gather information about the site. Consider factors such as available parking space, accessibility, and any potential obstacles. Taking the time to scout the location beforehand will help you plan your approach and determine the best way to maneuver and park your concession trailer.

Measure and Assess Clearance:

Concession trailers come in various sizes, so it’s crucial to measure the height, width, and length of your trailer. Additionally, assess the clearance height of bridges, trees, and other structures at the parking location. Ensuring that your trailer can safely clear any potential obstacles will prevent accidents and damages.

Plan Your Route:

Plan your route to the parking location in advance, considering factors such as road conditions, traffic patterns, and any potential low-clearance areas. Use GPS navigation systems that are designed for large vehicles to avoid narrow roads or low bridges. A well-planned route will help you navigate smoothly and safely to your parking destination.

Practice Backing Up:

Backing up a concession trailer can be challenging, especially in tight spaces. Practice maneuvering and backing up your trailer in an open area before you arrive at the parking location. This practice will help you build confidence and improve your skills, making it easier to park accurately in various situations.

Utilize Spotters:

Having an extra pair of eyes when parking your concession trailer can be immensely helpful. If possible, ask someone to act as a spotter and guide you during the parking process. Clear communication with your spotter will ensure safe parking and minimize the risk of accidents or damage to your trailer.

Use Wheel Chocks and Stabilizers:

Once you have parked your concession trailer, use wheel chocks and stabilizers to secure it in place. Wheel chocks prevent unintended movement, while stabilizers help level the trailer and reduce swaying. These accessories are essential for maintaining stability and safety while operating your concession business.

Be Mindful of Surroundings:

Consider the surroundings when parking your concession trailer. Be mindful of neighboring businesses, pedestrian traffic, and any specific parking instructions provided by event organizers. Being considerate and respecting the space of others will help foster positive relationships and ensure a smooth parking experience.


Parking your concession trailer in Michigan doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By following these eight tips, you’ll be well-equipped to park like a pro. Remember to research parking regulations, scout the location, measure clearance, plan your route, practice backing up, utilize spotters, use wheel chocks and stabilizers, and be mindful of your surroundings. With these strategies in mind, you’ll be able to park your concession trailer safely and efficiently, ready to serve delicious food and make memorable experiences for your customers throughout Michigan.

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