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RV Experience: Checklist to Prepare for your First Trip in your RV

RV Experience: Checklist to Prepare for your First Trip in your RV

Before heading out into the world, the vessel you’re traveling in must be in great condition. Just checking if they do alright is less than half done.

Now, you may not know the exact areas to check and what o look for. Plus, if there happens to be a problem who to contact then? In this blog, we help you with your RV experience. A checklist by RV repair Michigan experts to prepare for the first trip in your RV can help you through all.

Checklist to Prepare with your RV tour

Here’s what you can look for when it comes to RV tour

1.      Check the batteries

Check if they are full.

Batteries lose their energy up to 10% each month when not in use. So, check if that is ok. Or, you could do a regular check by each month just so the battery never suffers.

See if they have the correct water levels, refer to the manual for this.

Tip: Batteries can be dangerous. Just take your precaution or have RV repair Michigan experts do their job.

2.      Flush the water tanks, sanitize and check for leaks

Before starting off, flush away water in the tanks and sanitize the entire area. Keep it clean to avoid inviting pests and insects. Next, check for leaks. It’s very important or else this would be a problem with no solution in the middle of the road.

3.      Check RV appliances

See if all the necessary appliances are at their right place. Like gas, the connections, firing operations and the valves. Just have leak and gas pressure tests in all these instruments to be double sure.

4.      Tires, please

 Check if their ready to roll on. At times, during storage the tires can somehow run out of air. And you might not even notice. Check them thoroughly and get going.

Plus, assess the brakes. Be cautious since if they fail halfway through, that isn’t a pleasant situation.

5.      Assess the generator and the engine

The most important sections.

Start by checking the fluid levels. If they are full and fresh, that’s the correct health.

Here are the fluids you must check if you don’t know:

  • Power steering
  • Engine coolant
  • Windshield washer
  • Brake fluid

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