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RV Life Hacks by RV Repair Michigan Experts

RV Life Hacks by RV Repair Michigan Experts

While living the outside life in RV, it’s best to keep some great tricks and RV life hacks in mind. With these, not always do you have to go buy what you need. Plus, they help you save space!

So, in this blog, we cover all that can come handy while you’re traveling the long road.

6 RV Life Hacks by RV repair Michigan Experts

Whether a clothespin or a collapsible basket, all of these will be your best friends.

1.      Bungee Straps

Bungee straps are so easy to use when you intend to dry your clothes or hang a few things. The main catch is that they can be easily removed and hooked thanks to their hooked endings.

With conventional ropes, you must tie up the endings with a rod or certain area. Doing that itself takes most of the time and it ends up being not used at all.

But with the bungee straps, you can use it whenever you want. Just hook them up and get with it.

2.      Shower cuddies with suction cups for kids

This is great for the kids as their toys and playtime supplies will remain secure in the organizer tightly fit in the panes with suction cups. They don’t fall off when there’s a sudden sharp movements or jerks in the RV.

Plus, they help keep them clean as they don’t fall off and the children can play with them and keep them back in place without hassle.

3.      Keep waste tank clean

Another struggle is to keep the waste tank clean. Of course, the regular products from Target or Walmart may help you out. But what if you run out of them? Or what if you don’t want to spend on those expensive ones?

Here comes a simple “recipe” with simple “ingredients”.

  • Use half a cup of Calgon Water Softener.
  • a cup of Borax detergent to make a DIY waste tank cleaner.

It works wonders and as you see, it’s less expensive.

4.      Mount on the wall to save space

Leave the cabinets for other essentials. Store the electronic cables on the walls. Mount them on secure hooks.

Doing this, saves the lifespan of the electronics as they don’t get curled up. Because if they are curled up, the ends may get messy and tear exposing thin cables from within.

So, with wall mounting these essentials, you keep them secure and act wisely.

5.      Collapsible baskets

Now, you need collapsible baskets for a lot of things, whether it’s for holding the trash while camping or storing dirty clothes. But you don’t need them every moment or every day.

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