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RV Maintenance items that you should always have with you

July 11, 2020

The roads long and has no end. And so can your plans. But breakdowns are possible out of nowhere.

That’s why you should keep some spare items ready at hand during times of crises. Of course, you’ll receive repair services from RV trailer parts Michigan experts. But you need to keep certain things as “first-aid” at hand.

1.    Motor Oil

Besides checking the level of motor oil regularly, what’s best is to keep a spare lot with you. There, you’ve crossed the basic step in engine maintenance.

2.    Fuel filter

Carrying fuel filters can come handy if you need them. Now, this can be an intimidating camper repair step for some. It’s best if you leave it for RV trailer parts repair Michigan experts to complete it.

3.    Fuel treatment

This keeps the engine running clear. Plus, this keeps it more efficient and quieter. Plus, the bottle is small and not tough to store.

When the time comes to treat the system, just pour a bottle into the tank before filling it up.

4.    Coolant

Extra coolant is important to store to fill it up to the recommended level. Not doing this can make the engine get overheated resulting in serious damage that could incur heavy cost in repairing.

5.    Extra LED bulbs

A universal item that you need to store for emergencies in the road. If a bulb doesn’t work, a lot of problems can surface. Therefore, vision in the middle of the night mustn’t get clouded.

6.    Toilet deodorizer

Odor in the bath or restroom is the most irritating things within an RV. You can’t go away, neither can you shoo the smell.

This is where the toilet deodorizer comes handy.

7.    Roof sealant

Seals falling off are one of the common phenomena. Open seams hurt the RV health and expose it to various problems.

So, it’s better to keep roof sealant handy.

8.    Air compressor hose with tire inflator and pressure gauge

Tires and breaks need attention. See what you can keep spare that’ll help you of they malfunction. They are air compressor hose with tore inflator and pressure gauge.

Having a healthy air pressure in your tires is exceptionally important. Your RV receives better gas mileage, rides smoother, and the tires remain longer and safer.

If things don’t work fine, you could always turn to RV trailer parts Michigan to have them treated just fine. Besides, keep these spare items as “first-aid”.

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