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RV Repair: 5 weird smell in your RV and what they can be

Let’s face it. You may keep your RV spick and span but we’ve all, at some point, gotten weird smell inside.

You probably exclaim, “What’s the weird smell in my RV?” when you get one but can’t find the origin. And the time has you scouring out items to find the source. RV repair Michigan experts have dealt with plenty of complaints regarding the same and are here to talk about it now.

So, here’s a blog that can help you find what the smell can be.

RV repair Michigan experts explain the 5 weird smell in your RV

All of us have gotten weird smell inside our RVs. Some of the sources are so obvious that people forget to check the basic spaces.

1.    Rotten Eggs in the kitchen

Often, people tend to forget the possibility of rotten eggs that turns the inside of the RV have a pungent smell.

The smell is such that you can understand that it’s a rotten edible item. Often, people mistake it with a dead mouse or lizard. But no, it must be the eggs.

2.    Sewage smell

Now this kind is familiar, you know why.

The drainage system, mainly, the sewage creates some problem with the pipes. Maybe, some thing is clogged in their and needs to come out.

However, to know more, here are some tips:

  • Rinse the black tank
  • Check your black tank roof vent for any clogs that could be preventing smelly gases from escaping.
  • Always use a drop-in tank treatment
  • Check if the toilet seat bowl holds only small amount of water every time.

3.    Salon smell coming from drains

Another source can be the salon from the sink and shower drains like a hair perm. It indicates that the gray tank needed cleaning.

If you get this, you can do the treatment step yourself, or have RV repair Michigan professionals do it for you.

4.    Ammonia near RV fridge

The smell of ammonia is never a good sign. Without a doubt, it’s unmistakably your fridge. There might be a leak in the RV fridge, and you’ll notice a rise in its temperature.

Now, generally, it isn’t repairable. So, you may need to replace it.

5.    Musty or mildew smell in RV

The musty smell is generally found in corners and other nooks and cranny. Now, this is the smell of water leaks modified into a mold.

Sniff it out and find the location to treat it. Contact RV repair Michiganexperts to eradicate the problem since it could take a bad turn.

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