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RV Repair: 6 Steps to Fix Flood Damage by RV Repair Michigan

June 18, 2020

RV Repair: 6 Steps to Fix Flood Damage by RV Repair Michigan

Water or flood damage in RVs is real and terrifying. It can create molds, mildew, as well as wood rot to further damage it.

And since most of the year, the RVs remain in storage, the flood damage may have occurred long back. So, the procedure needs some serious attention.

These steps are recommended by RV repair Michigan experts that will treat it without any hassle.

6 Steps to fix flood damage in your RV

Here are the necessary steps.

1.      Locate and repair the source of the water

First, find the source of the water before cleaning.

The roof may be the one to blame since a roof leak is a probable scenario. So, caulking the RV roof happens to be the central solution. If you find holes is other areas, repair them first.

2.      Clean out dirt and debris

Throw out dirt and debris which were stored there to prepare for cleaning. Mop them and scrape the mess out before you begin to repair them.

3.      Remove damaged ceiling, flooring, and walls

Check every part for water damage. Mainly the ceiling, floors and the walls.

Remove any wood that is rotting and pull out the wet insulation. Leaving a single patch of rotting wood will damage that RV structure.

You may find parts missing or damaged. You can get new ones or repair the RV trailer parts Michigan.

4.      Disinfect all surfaces

Use a bleach solution to spray on all surfaces to disinfect them.

5.      Air out of the RV until completely dry

It is important to let it dry before you start restoring the RV to the former condition. Damp surface may not let the new installation of wood effective.

6.      Replace damaged areas

Finally, you can move forward to repair the damaged places once the entire RV is dry even from every nook and cranny. Also, the installation and the builds will be effective and work at their best.

With this, you can start your wanderer life once again since problems always have solutions. You can consult RV repair Michigan professionals to fit your needs.

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