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RV Travel: Peaceful Spots in Merrill, Michigan to Visit

RV Travel: Peaceful Spots in Merrill, Michigan to Visit

Have an RV? Want to experience both adventure and calm?

Here’re some spots around Merrill, Michigan that’ll make a peaceful time out. The best part? Not many people know about them!

The places are not as crowded since they aren’t as popular to attract outstation tourists

Now, you may wonder who’d take care if my RV has any problem midway? You should know that professional Trailer repair in Merrill Michiganengineers are easily available.

Don’t let petty worries ruin your happening trip.

So, if you’re in Michigan and travel across cities, these can be your next go to.

1. Council Grounds State Park

It’s a 509-acre Wisconsin state park along the Wisconsin river. Earlier, it was a Merrill City park that was donated to Wisconsin in 1938. Originally, it had the status of a mere roadside park. Later in 1978 was promoted to a standard State Park status. The site used to be a seasonal gathering spot for the Indians that now has complete visitor amenities and is a constant go-to relaxing spot for locals.

2. River Bend Trail

One word. Peaceful.

A remarkable spot for families, friends, couples, etc., the river bend trail never disappoints. So, grab your family in your RV for an outstation Boho holiday this weekend. If traveling is what you know, this place is an incredible calming zone.

3. Ott’s Park

The Ott’s Park can be one of your Merrill spots marathons!

It’s the most beautiful in winter. And the main attraction that lures people is that it’s quiet. Now, isn’t this where’d you’d want to head to escape the regular cacophony of life?

4. Alexander Lake

Stop your RV to fish for fishes!

A bonding awaits between the father and the son here. So, when you pack, don’t forget the fishing rod and baits. If you can’t go fishing often or haven’t tried it, you know what to do here.

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