4175 S. Meridian Rd, 48637 Merrill, Michigan

Opens at 09:00 am


Our Workshop

Our workshop

Our workshop in Merrill, Michigan is the go-to hub for all things trailer repairs related. Be it a tune-up, a replacement, or a modification, you will find a solution for your trailer challenges at Nagel Auto Repair workshop.

At Nagel Trailer Repair, we are led by industry veteran Mr. Ben Nagel. Our expert staff has been trained to handle all kinds of trailer-related challenges, no matter how critical or how trivial — however, most of all, we have been taught to empathize with our customers. We have been trained to handle all kinds of trailer-related issues and customer scenarios.

Customers in Michigan can expect us to dispense critical trailer repair services, regardless of the scope of the problem. We offer consultation over the phone and in person at the repair site or at our workshop. The best part about choosing our trailer repair services is that we will always inform our customers about the particulars of the work we are doing in non-jargon terms. This way, the customer can remain certain about what exactly they are paying for.

Mobile repair services

It must be noted that Nagel Trailer Repair services are not only limited to repairs at the workshop. You can also count on us, one of Michigan’s most dependable trailer repair services, to provide mobile trailer repair.

Has your trailer met with a mishap on the road? Are you stuck in the middle of nowhere with no one to help you with your trailer problems? Rest assured — for any kind of trailer challenge, Nagel Trailer Repair is by your side.

Why should you visit the Nagel Trailer Repair workshop?

Some of the main reasons customers love to visit our shop are:

  • All types of trailers are fixed and serviced here: big or small, vintage or modern
  • Premium-quality replacement parts for most trailer machinery
  • Customer-friendly approach
  • Easy-to-understand customer education
  • Critical consultation services provided
  • Unbelievably reasonable prices
  • Miscellaneous trailer embellishments and ornaments like custom graphics
  • Competitive, low pricing allows customers to get holistic maintenance done

So, look no further. If you have a trailer that needs professional attention, just ring us up or drop by our workshop.