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September 17, 2020


I’m sure that your RVs will be so dusty since it’s been sitting unused for a few months. Therefore, a total clean-up is essential to bring back the RV to the old condition. This also helps to know about the repairs that would be required for your RV.

Here is the equipment that you must have the clean the RV:

1) Window cleaner

2) Multi-surface cleaner

3) Bathroom cleaner

4) Paper towels

5) Vacuum with attachments

6) Broom and dustpan


1)Cleaning windows, walls and the kitchen is much the same as cleaning your home

2)Firstly, open all the windows to let the camper breathe the fresh air. Then, remove the seat cushions and you can take the list of anything that you be low on.

3)Now, start cleaning from top to bottom. i.e., first, clean the ceiling, then the walls, and finally the floor.

4)Clean the vents by removing the glass and washing them. You can also assure good working. You can also check the working of your air conditioner.

5)Next, move onto the bathroom. first clean the walls, shower head, and toilet. Then clean the floor.

6)Clean your cabinets by wiping out everything. Once you clean inside, you can move on to the outside of the RV.

7)Wipe outside the cabinets and walls. Take care of the water damage, if any

8)The next step is to wipe the counters and dinette.

9)Make use of a hose/ vacuum cleaner to clean the floor. This should be the last thing to do because all the dust while cleaning the ceiling and walls will be accumulated on the floor. First, sweep away the dust and then use any floor cleaner to keep the floor neat and hygienic.

This is how we keep our RV clean. Take care of your RV the same as your house and you can make your camping homely. Since it is clean now, you can rush to the campground and enjoy it.

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