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Storage issues faced by Camper/ Trailer owners during winter

Whether you own a camper or a trailer, water damage can be a problem during winters. Since, most trailers and campers are parked outdoors during winters, they get covered with snow.

When winter leaves, the snow starts to melt and water gets into unwanted parts of your camper/ trailer. The experts of Camper Repair Michigan have come up with a list of few possible problems you might face.

The Roof and Window Seals –

When the snow on your roof starts to melt, the moisture penetrates through areas where your sealant may have failed. Hence, you need to inspect your roof, and trim fasteners that may have been sealed. It will be better if you do it before you park your vehicle.

The deck –

You also need to check over the wood on the deck of your camper/ trailer because the decks are most likely to be exposed to an equal amount of snow as the roof. Check your decking boards for water damage and rotting.

Electrical issues, checks, and requirements –

Moisture can also adversely affect your trailer. If you have open connections, unsealed electronic components or elements can cause frequent electrical failures. Go ahead and check if you can see any corrosion in inside the connectors and plugs.

You must test all your lights to make sure that things are working as they should. Make sure to remove the battery of your trailer/ camper during the winter months.

It will be wise if you put the battery on charge and then load test for verifying whether the battery is working fine.


When you pull your trailer/ camper out of storage, check for all the possible water damage. Inspect the roof and the window seals, and make sure your trailer/ camper is under perfect condition.

Keep check on all the possible electrical issues. With electrical issues, you don’t often get to witness them until you start your vehicle. If such things happen, and you notice anything unusual, you can get in touch with the best Trailer Repair in Michigan.

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