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October 7, 2020

RVing is the time when most of us enjoy a lot. But what about having a puppy/pet dogs in your house? Many people hesitate to take their pets as it is inconvenient to manage them. Similar to us, your pets also have difficulty in adjusting to a new habitat but will be gradually fit into it.

1. Try to take them for RVing from their younger ages. This practice helps them to interact and adjust with it easily. Keeping them calm and comfortable makes your camping colorful.

2. To keep them comfortable, Add the items familiar to your pet on your list while camping like a chew toy, blanket, or anything else they like. Also, include your pet’s food, dishes, leashes, treats, toys, brush, medications, etc.

3. Train them consistently to keep good behavior to avoid barking menacingly at people innocently walking around the campground.

4. Make sure that your pet’s vaccinations are taken on time and if it is treated for fleas and ticks. Try to carry the vaccination record with you as it may be required at check-in at different campgrounds. Also, ask if there’s a designated spot for dogs.

5. Some campgrounds have breed restrictions,an entry fee, and some may not even allow the entry, so it is better to call and enquire before going.

6. Take care of them and make sure that you dispose of the waste properly. Use newspapers to wrap the droppings and dispose of it in the trash.

7. Never leave your dog unattended. If you are leaving your pets alone in the RV, make sure they have plenty of water, food, and proper ventilation.

8. Don’t forget to wear dog tags on their collars.

Follow these tips to keep your pet and yourself at the utmost comfort. Comment on your experiences while taking your pet to the campground.

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