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Are you in a mood for a vacation in a camper trailer in Detroit? Or, planning to carry items in a cargo trailer? Or, maybe thinking of putting up a concession trailer at an exhibition in Detroit? Then your worst nightmare will be a sudden breakdown of the trailer in the middle of your plans. Timely “repair and maintenance” would have been the answer to your problems. 

But you were too busy to look into the “maintenance” part of your trailers and so now your trailer has broken down in the middle of the road. What will you do now? Worried? Panicked?  

Don’t worry and keep calm! Nagel Trailer Repair is here to help you out!! We offer top quality and quick services for all types of trailer repair in Detroit.  

Our specialty is providing repair services for camper, concession and cargo trailers in Detroit at pocket-friendly rates and at any place. So next time you are left stranded in an unknown locality with your damaged trailer, just remember the name “Nagel Trailer Repair”. For your convenience, we have introduced mobile services as well.  

Still in doubt? Then check out the services of trailer repair in Detroit that we offer: 

  1. Camper trailer repair in Detroit 

We, at Nagel Trailer Repair are not only providing camper repair services, but also helping you with servicing, modification, and customization of your camper trailers. So, starting from AC installations and interior decorations to part replacements and changing appliances, as per your requirement you’ll get all services at here. But are you aware of the best part?

We provide mobile repairing services as well! So now with any camper trailer problems, you can call us at your location anytime.  

Camper trailers need frequent parts replacements. At Nagel Trailer Repair, our specialty is stocking all types of spare parts and we guarantee that you’ll get the one you’re searching for. In case of any critical damage repair case, again you can trust Nagel Trailer Repair to provide specialized camper repair services. Solving of petty issues like changing the punctured tiers, decorating campers with new graphics and stickers and changing worn-out appliances are easy jobs for us.  

  1. Concession Trailer Repair in Detroit 

Your concession trailer is serving mouth-watering snacks in different parts of Detroit. You are overjoyed! Then suddenly the tires burst! Or maybe the cabinets crash!

Terrifying thought, isn’t it! Why worry when you have the expert repair services available at Nagel Trailer Repair?  

With the help of an experienced team we can mend the kitchen cabinets and screens of the concession trailer within the blink of an eye. If the headlights of your concession trailer are broken or you’re wanting to put some attractive signs, approach us.  

For serving lip-smacking food you need to have the right set of concession equipment and they should all be fit and in working conditions. But if your popcorn machines, nacho machines, grillers and 

dispensers stop working in the middle of food delivery, approach us for quick restoration of the machine and continue serving good food to the people of Detroit.  

Since you’re always on the go with your concession trailer, so, you should never forget to keep an eye on the tires, engines and the axles. We can foresee your issues, so, we always keep replacement parts in stock and can help you by servicing these parts when required.  

  1. Cargo Trailer Repair in Detroit 

Do you have a strong built Cargo Trailer? And you’re sure that it is durable and there is no chance of a breakdown? You’re wrong! Harsh weather conditions, overburdened with heavy materials and continuous traveling can break the most well-built and durable cargo trailers anytime.  

At Nagel Trailer Repair, we provide a complete trailer repair service where we provide quick repair services for the broken frames, damaged doors and window installations and equipment installations and replacements.  

To make your cargo trailer stronger and more durable, we offer floor repairing services. We use vinyl rolls and aluminum plates that will make floor base strong. Repairing of bulbs in the Cargo, replacement of the fused headlights and keeping generators in working condition within the Cargo are also included in our services.  

You may also feel the need to modify your Cargo Trailer as per changing needs. Good news for you! Along with repairing service we also offer customizable modification services. You can now add a new bathroom, housing equipment, cabinet and even office space in your big Cargo Trailer. Call us for these services as well. 

So next time you’re in Detroit with a broken trailer, you know whom to call! No need to feel panicked, we’ll repair your trailer within few hours! Your satisfaction is our priority, so stop worrying and keep travelling! We are there to serve you anytime and anywhere!

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