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Ways to repair a leaky city water inlet by RV Repair Michigan experts

Having an RV for long has obviously made you experience problems like leaks and open seams. Water damage is so dangerous for the health of your camper that despite being a common happening, can leave serious imprints in your RV.

Another of this type is a leaky city water inlet that can stir ample problems. They are not only annoying but are wasteful. If the problem persists, you could always turn to RV repair Michigan experts.

So, here’s how to repair a leaky city water inlet

Tightening it is an obvious option but sometimes it doesn’t always work that way.

So, here’s what you can do to repair the leaky city water inlet.

1.      High water pressure

Check if the water pressure isn’t too high. To do this, turn the water pressure a little down and not off.

Now, if reducing the flow stops the leak, the problem lied here and turning down the water pressure can be your best temporary solution. Next, contact your nearest RV repair Michigan experts and have the part fixed.

2.      Bent hose

The leaky city water could be due to a bent/faulty hose. If the end is not round and is crooked, it faces problems in fitting into the socket right.

That means, the seal isn’t tight, and water leaks are bound to happen. So, inspect the water hose. If those aren’t in good shape and health, tighten the connection. Then, turn the pressure down till the time you replace the hose.

3.      Bad gasket

To check if the gasket has issues, remove the water hose and inspect the gasket for any tear or cuts. Next, you may have to take the piece off to find the root cause of the problem.

If that’s the case, don’t push in on the check valve that is located beneath the mesh.

4.      Dislodged check valve seal

Beneath the mesh screen of the city water inlet, a valve prevents backflow using your water pump. Finally, if the valve goes inside while it is pressurized, the valve seal can get pushed out of its place making fresh water to flush out of the city inlet each time you use the water pump.

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