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DIY: How to Build a Camper

DIY: How to Build a Camper

Heading out into the wilderness with just a rolled-up sleeping bag and a backpack may not be enough. You surely need more, especially, if you plan to enjoy some home-level comfort while in the arms of Mother Nature. So, you need a mobile comfortable camper. This post is about how to build a camper.

In case you’re wondering, what campers are? Here is some little explanation. Camper campers are somewhere between tenting and traditional RVs.  You enjoy all the benefits of a mobile automobile minus the unnecessary bulk.

How to Build a Camper

How to Build a Camper: DIY!

Some companies have built some impressive rigs, but don’t be scared if you’re on a budget. You can actually build a camper all by yourself without having to break the bank. Here’s how…

Secure an Appropriate Camper

To start with, you need an appropriate camper to convert to the right camper type you want. Ford Transit, Cheverolet Express or Mercedes Benz Sprinter is generally not a bad idea. It’s important you have some interior space that is adequate for living quarters.

In case you’re buying a used camper, don’t forget to be sure it’s in good condition. Otherwise, your to-do list will include fixing mechanical problems.

Plan the Conversion to a Camper Well

Now that you have an appropriate camper to use for your camper, the next thing is to plan the conversion well. It’s important to bear in mind what you need out of your camper. Don’t forget that your camper dimensions usually determine the interior layout.

List out the features you need to have in your camper. You can Google some camper ideas. It also helps to mock up some interior components such as cabinets and beds. Using a cardboard template can provide an example of how your ideas fit well.

In any case, keep in mind that building a camper interior may involve some trial and error until you can get things to shape nicely as you desire.

Save Costs

Of course, though relatively cheaper than buying a new one, it costs some money even to build your own camper.  However, it doesn’t have to be a bottomless money pit that will drain all your financial energy. You can keep things simple by taking advantage of some nice cheap camper parts.

Also, feel free to get creative and go for some repurposed affordable household items where possible. Just like you would if you were in a camping tent, a Coleman stove will cook meals just fine in a camper-based camper vehicle.

In order to save costs and keep the environment clean and green, consider using solar panels. No need to spend extra money to purchase a generator. And, of course, no need to endure the extra noise pollution that comes as added “benefits”.

  Ask for Help

If you’re stuck and need additional help on how to build a camper at an affordable cost, no need to sweat and get swallowed up in frustration. You’re definitely not alone. Nagel Trailer Repair is here to help. Feel free to give us a try today and see how much difference we can make. We are ever ready to impress our clients and put your satisfaction first.

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