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DIY Motorhome Repair Tips for Common Problems

DIY Motorhome Repair Tips for Common Problems

For most RV owners, the motorhome is a priceless possession of pride and joy. It opens the door of adventure away from home while making every destination more familiar and simply comfortable.

However, if you have been away from home long enough, you will realize that motorhome issues are very much unavoidable. After all, a motorhome is simply a mobile home that moves. Depending on your taste and flair for technology, your motorhome can be a big, heavy vehicle with some super complicated systems plus a few other things that may go wrong without warning.

 In this article, we will provide some motorhome repair tips to ensure the ride becomes smooth and less bumpy.

 Motorhome Repair

Motorhome Repair

Motorhome Leaky Roof Repair

To begin with, a leaky roof is a common problem in most motorhomes and of course, this begs for your attention. Even the most modernized motorhome can cave in with prolonged exposure to the elements of use. No matter how well-made and high-tech, sealants will eventually harden and crack with age and prolonged use.

Unfortunately, a leaky roof is a nightmare because of the attending havoc it can wreak on your entire motorhome. Water does more damage than stain your interior. It can also wreak havoc on parts and also rust out metal fixtures. As if that is not enough, it can even cause dangerous short-circuiting in your motorhome internal electrical system.

To prevent a leaky roof, your best bet would be to take the proactive measures of applying a new coat of Motorhome roof sealant at least once a year. A product such as Dicor can be used to nip in the bud localized leaks much earlier before they manifest.

Also, it’s important you thoroughly check your motorhome for water damage prior to as well as after every single trip. Also, make sure you check things up when the rig goes into or comes out of storage.

Be on the lookout for your rig’s interior showing signs of stains along every seam and seal. Give extra attention to the openings of your roof such as your kitchen vent fans, bathroom, and your motorhome air conditioner.

Although finding a leak may not be a good thing, however, learning about it sooner than later is a good way to mitigate large or even irreparable damages.

Minor Electrical Issues

Some electrical issues which may be minor can be dangerous if not properly fixed. Therefore, it is advisable that you seek the assistance of a professional.

The reason for this is that while other forms of issues may damage your motorhome, electrical issues may cause serious personal injuries or lead to loss of life in some cases.

Nevertheless, there are certain minor motorhome and travel trailer electrical problems that the average handyman in your locality can take care of without serious consequences. For example, the switches or push-buttons in your circuit breaker panel can stop functioning. This is a very minor procedure that can easily be replaced.

In the same way, the outlets you find throughout the interior of your motorhome can easily be fixed. For instance, should you find one outlet not working as expected, it may be as a result of the common use of the clip-together style of the receptacle by motorhome manufacturers.

The receptacles are so designed to cut through the insulation in the wires, so as to make contact and run an electrical current. They’re simple to use and can help you save some money, no doubt. However, they’re equally prone to getting loose and subsequently stop working.

In order to solve the malfunction issue and enjoy a more reliable source of power, you can change the outlets to the same type of outlet boxes you use at home.

In some cases, you can simply replace your motorhome batteries by yourself if you can. You will need to replace your batteries especially when you want to upgrade from generator to a solar panel system.

Keep in mind that lithium batteries are durable, lighter and require little maintenance compared to others. It’s also very simple to install and set up. Don’t forget that you will need some components such as a motorhome power inverter though.

In Conclusion

It’s important you apply some of the motorhome repair tips shared in this post. Your main goal will be to apply the tips so that your motorhome will not break down. In case you need help to fix your motor home, don’t forget to contact Nagel Trailer Repair on 989.205.1212.

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